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Photoshop Express Online Tools and My Gallery

We’ve been busy! In June, we introduced the new destination site, and promised that it was the first of many updates to come. Today, we are rolling out new versions of our Photoshop Express online tools, as well as a brand-new way to share your images and videos on your Gallery. We are… READ MORE

New Mobile Photo Editing Features & Video Playback

All New Features Added to Mobile for iPhone 1.1 Update Stop the presses! Well, wait – keep the presses going; I don’t want my Wall Street Journal subscription interrupted. Presses aside, I do want to briefly mention that the Mobile team released a nice little update to the Mobile iPhone application.  Mobile… READ MORE

Faster Uploads & Photo Sharing Improvements With 1.6

Guest Post by Mark Dahm Halloween, for better or worse, has become a celebrated event in our household. As a young dad, I naively fed my wife’s enthusiasm for All Things Ridiculously Out Of Proportion, forking over considerable time and energy decorating my offspring in countless costumes. We greedily ransacked entire neighborhoods of anything sweet,… READ MORE