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Introducing the New Adobe Revel Importer

Today there’s a new addition to the Revel family, Adobe Revel Importer for Android phones.

Revel Importer allows you to easily add photos stored on your Android phone into your Revel photo library. The app also automatically imports new photos, so you can snap a shot with your Android phone and it will instantly appear in Revel.

Revel Importer for Android phones is a free app that comes with a Revel subscription, which includes a 30-day trial. If you haven’t tried Revel yet, download it for your Mac and your iPad/iPhone and sign up for a free trial!

Revel Importer for Android Phones allows for:

  • Importing some or all of the photos on your Android phone into your Revel account
  • Automatic imports of all new photos you take with your Android phone
  • Selection of any of the 5 photo carousels in your account to import photos into

As always if you have any questions or feedback please go to our GetSatisfaction site or tweet us @AdobeRevel.

Note: While Revel Importer allows you to import photos directly into a Revel account, this is not a full version of Revel for Android.

The Adobe Revel Team

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Please cancel my account. I Don’t know how to do it.



    Did you just download the product and use the trial? Unless you actually started a subscription there is nothing to cancel.

I’d like to cancel my adobe account. There seems to no facility to do that on the adobe website. WHY? I’d appreciate help on that matter. Thanks

Yea I have subscription I want to cancel because it is not what I thought I was purchasing to help me with my website- I feel mislead and ripped off. Please how do I cancel it’s only been a few days-

How do I cancel my Adobe account ?.

Could I just delete the application?.

Cancel my account

I would like to deactivate my account its not what i thought it was.

Is there a way of obtaining the Revel Importer for the PC? So far, when trying to download it, it seems to be only applicable for the “Android” phone. Any suggestions?

    We don’t have an importer for Windows yet. What you can do is go to and use the web version of Revel to import photos using your Windows computer.

When will I be able to get an app for my nexus 7? The mobile app is not comparable!

    We don’t have a version of Revel for Android but you can use to access your photos.

Hi we really do need a good Revel App for Android. I have spent many $100’son Adobe products down the years and I am a great fan. So please please let us have the same functionality as the Apple products.

I would like to cancel my account. would not like to be charge when i do not use it. thanks please ASAP!!!!! CANCEL MY ACCOUNT


Please download any files you may need from this account as they will disappear when the account is deleted.

Please post on our Revel User’s forum at
so that I can get necessary information and delete this Revel account for you. If you subscribed via Apple, you can initiate cancellation there so your subscription will not autorenew. If you subscribed via Adobe, please indicate that on your forum post.

Adobe Revel Team




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