Hi, I’m Peter Martin and I’m a Technical Architect with Adobe Consulting. In the future I hope to blog on how Flex fits within the Enterprise. In particular I am interested in security, clustering, development tooling and agile development.

My first two blogs will cover AS3 codegen using XDoclet2 and FlexUnit integration with Ant and CruiseControl.In the longer term I hope to introduce you to an Eclipse feature I developed on the Eclipse Web Tools Platform to provide a Flex project facet for dynamic Web projects. My hope is to blend Flex application development with J2EE-application development and leverage the Eclipse tooling in this area.

5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Great stuff Peter, this is going to be a fun topic to read about.

  2. Those are definitely topics I’ll be following. I’m looking forward to some great posts here.

  3. Jack says:

    Welcome in my bookmark 🙂 I think this blog going to be great!

  4. ilya Devers says:

    Hi Peter,Pleased to meet you!sounds like a real eclipse specialist is aboard.I recently played around with Joe’s Value Object creator xdoclet plugin. Curious to see what this one adds.Great stuffcheers

  5. I’m looking forward to your posts.Steven Webster mentioned on his blog that you are going to blog about how to import Cairngorm as a library project into Flex Builder 2. I’m especially interested in this topic since the sample store in the old 0.99 Cairngorm archive doesn’t work any more with the new 2.0 version and Flex 2 beta 3.