FlexUnit for Ant Update#3

You can download a new release of FlexUnit for Ant, which fixes a few bugs people have experienced recently. For more details on how to use FlexUnit for Ant please see my earlier blog. There is also documentation on the flexunit Ant task parameters at the end of this blog. You can download FlexUnit from Adobe Labs.


Binary distribution


Source Distribution


Example Project


Ant Task Parameters

swf The name of SWF containing the tests to execute. Yes
port The port to receive the test results on from FlexUnit. The default port is 1024. No
timeout The time in milliseconds to wait for results from FlexUnit before stopping the building process. The default is 60 seconds. You need to allow enought time for your tests to run as the socket is opended prior to the test execution. No
toDir The output directory for the test resutlts. The default is the working directory. No
haltonfailure Stop the build process if a test fails. The default is true. No
failureproperty The name of the property to set in the event of a failure. The default is ‘flexunit.failed”. No
verbose Causes the flexunit tasks to print status messages. The default is false. No

One Response to FlexUnit for Ant Update#3

  1. Jeffc Collins says:

    Can somebody tell me why I’m getting this Exception?Something seems to be stripping off the back slashbecuase my properties file correctly points to c:\FlexC:\Documents and Settings\jeffc\workspace\build.xml:27: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “c:Flex\bin\mxmlc.exe”: CreateProcess error=3, The system cannot find the path specified