FDS Plugin V2

I am please to say V2 of my FDS Plugin is now available for download on the Flex Exchange. Thanks to all those who took the time to downloaded the BETA and for reporting the bugs you found. In particular the following bugs have been fixed:

  • The plugin will now run with Java 1.4.
  • The paths in the project are correct on Mac OS X.
  • The ‘user_classes’ folder is now included in the project classpath.
  • If you compile locally the Web Tools Plaform WAR export will now include the Flex generated files (e.g. *.swf) and the Flex source files if selected.

What’s new?

The dependancy on Flex Data Services (FDS) has now been externalized. This means you need to have FDS installed on your machine. You will find a new preferences page in Eclipse (Window > Preferences > Flex Data Services > FDS Installations) where you can configure the installation location of FDS.

FDS Preferences

The new project wizard now has a configuration page, which you can use to configure your FDS project.

Project Config

In particular it adds an option to compile your application locally in Flex Builder, which should help improve your development velocity. In the past it only supported compile on server, which it continues to support. However, I would strongly urge against using this option as I have found it to be troublesome when you are debugging as Flex Builder won’t always find the source.