AC will be lurking in the corridors of MAX

Adobe Consulting will be holding a series of "chalk and talk" sessions at MAX this year. These include:

The idea behind "chalk and talk" is to reflect what goes on in the "war room" of any project, when the developers gather around the whiteboard to discuss their ideas on how the software will be designed. I am sure these sessions will be fun and informal and gives us all the opportunity to put our ideas forward.

One Response to AC will be lurking in the corridors of MAX

  1. toys says:

    I love these sort of sessions – they really give you insight as to how some of these big brains and geniuses of coding do things. It’s part of what makes coding and developing so much fun – throwing ideas around, wrestling around concepts and problems, working together towards a viable solution. I can see why they call it the ‘war room’ and the name is definitely apt – except, this is the only kind of ‘war’ that can be considered fun!