Delivery of a Mission-Critical RIA for NATO

At MAX 2008 North America I will co-presenting Delivery of a Mission-Critical RIA for NATO with Mansour Raad of ESRI.

We will presenting on Tuesday @ 4:30PM in Moscone West 2011 so come along and see us.

The session will take a look at a mission critical application developed for the NATO E-3a Component to plan missions flown by their AWAC aircraft.

The MSS application has been developed using Flex 3 and LiveCycle Data Services and makes heavy use of Data Management Services, which enables users to collaborate on mission planning.

A key element of the MSS application is the world map, which allows users to visualize and work with geo-spatial data. The map has been developed using ESRI’s AWX Flex API. The map is driven using managed data so a change to a geo object is immediately pushed to all users currently working with that geo object!

During the session will take an extensive look at the application and how it has been engineered using AWX and LiveCycle Data Services.

2 Responses to Delivery of a Mission-Critical RIA for NATO

  1. Jason says:

    As far as I know you ain’t allowed to use Flash on NATO projects. I wasn’t earlier this year 🙁

  2. Peter Martin says:

    :(We didn’t have a problem and the app is in production.