Cairngorm Plugin @ MAX

The Cairngorm Plugin has now been launched internally within Adobe Consulting (AC) as a private beta. Eric Garza and myself will be formally launching it as a public beta at our MAX talk.

We also have a cool looking splash screen for the plugin, which was designed by George Neill of AC along with all the other icons (and I thought George was just lazy :)).


In the run up to MAX I will try and blog some more details about the plugin and some up-to-date screens shots, as it has moved on since my earlier sneak peek.

9 Responses to Cairngorm Plugin @ MAX

  1. eric dolecki says:

    I would love an opportunity to redesign this splash screen, awesome as it is.

  2. friedman says:

    Cairngorm is a bloated, inefficent framework that does not take advantage of the full benefits of the Flex framework. I find it shocking that Adobe Consulting is adamant about using this framework in its applications.We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, aren’t we?

  3. Peter Martin says:

    Bring it on, lets see what you have? If the consensus agrees then so be it 🙂

  4. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Friedman,Thanks for your feedback, but can you be more constructive? What do you not like about Cairngorm and what benefits of Flex are we not leveraging?We are looking for people to contribute to Cairngorm, if it’s bloated and inefficient help us make it better.CheersPeter.

  5. Glenn Williams says:

    Hi Peter,Good news.I only noticed this was happening when I saw the commit notes. I had no idea.Looking forward to seeing the public beta.- to Friedman,I’d be interested in hearing more of your comments about Cairngorm and Flex. What are you using as an alternative? What are the main areas that you see as a problem. What’s the scale of the projects you’ve been working on with/without Cairngorm? After all negative feedback is as useful as positive just as long as there are some details to work with. I think every technology can benefit from the occasional good kicking, so some examples of the problems you see would be welcome.

  6. Rob Morgan says:

    Hi Peter,That’s really awesome! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the plugin.@Friedman – I was never a big fan of Cairngorm, mainly because of the learning curve – but after having used I’ve never looked back. My code is much more maintainable, working with other developers is a breeze (as they logically know where to find everything) and I’m not having to constantly re-trace my steps to find things.I’m not sure what sort of performance hit, Cairngorm imposes but I’m interested in hearing about the negatives and/or which other flex frameworks might be better suited. From what I’ve seen Cairngorm uses the best parts of the flex framework / as3 language features where applicapable.Cheers,Rob

  7. Nishant Kyal says:

    Hi,I’m based in India and am also late for registering online for Max. So can’t attend any Max sessions :-(When and where else will the download details of this new plugin be available?Nishant

  8. Nishant Kyal says:

    Hi,I’m based in India and late for registering for Max. So can’t attend any online sessions at Max :(Where else and when will the information about this plugin be available when it’s launched?

  9. Benz says:

    Come on! May has started give us the bits :-)Can`t wait to get my hands on this.Benz