Cairngorm Plugin Available

The Cairngorm Plugin is now available as a public beta on Please click here for details on how to install the plugin.

I am looking for people to join the Cairngorm Plugin project team, if you are interested please email at


12 Responses to Cairngorm Plugin Available

  1. Glenn Williams says:

    Hi Peter,Great news. Thanks for the heads up.glenntinylion development uk

  2. Benz says:

    Finally the wait is over! Thanks for the hard work!Benz

  3. Nishant Kyal says:

    Hi,There’s no documentation on installation of Cairngorm 2.2.2Codegen-beta. I’ve downloaded it all but can’t get eclipse to download the plugin as this dependency remains.Nishant

  4. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Nishant,I have amended the documentation ( to be more specific.There is no explicit dependency between the plugin and, you simply need to download the ZIP and extract it. The plugin does not require it to install.I hope this helps.Peter.

  5. Yann says:

    I’m happy to see that a beta is available but it’s too bad that it’s not currently possible to add a Cairngorm nature to a Flex library project 🙁

  6. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Yann,Thanks for that, I have changed the plugin so the next release will allow you to add the nature to any ActionScript-based plugin.CheersPeter.

  7. Adnan Doric says:

    Is this some kind of replacement for cairngen or am I missing something ?

  8. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Adnan,The intent of the Cairngorm Plugin is the same as Cairngen except it is a plugin for FlexBuilder.CheersPeter.

  9. Daniel Kustrin says:

    The url for the plugin download now gives “The requested URL /pub/opensource/cairngorm/plugin/ was not found on this server.” Is there another URL i could use?thanks!dan

  10. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Dan,The server won’t let you browse to the URL (you will get a 404 not found). It will work though if you configure a remote update site under Eclipse.CheersPeter.

  11. peter says:

    What should be added as ‘Cairngorm location’? I tried specifying the cairgorm plugin location or the cairngorm location..both didn’t work. I keep getting the error “Config not found for Cairngorm location or invalid path” .Please helpPeter

  12. Peter Martin says:

    You need to download the Cairngorm 2.2.2 beta: the zip on your local hard disk and point the location at the root Cairngorm 2.2.2 folder.