MAX 2010 – Day 1 – It’s all about the screen

It’s all about the screen. There is an explosion of new devices and screens. The desktop, phone, tablet and TV. Multiply that by the various screen sizes and we have a challenge confronting us, but the opportunity for innovation is endless. Specifically, it is interesting to see the various tablets coming on to the market and the different screen sizes. Who got it right or is there room for a range of sizes?

I am blown away by how well Adobe is positioned to own the screen. Flash really is everywhere. The product team has done a tremendous job making it available on all these devices and  adapting and optimizing it for the hardware.

Where’s there is Flash there is AIR. If Flash is our trojan horse then AIR is our army. Its ever expanding APIs make it easy to develop applications that are specific for the device by allowing us to leverage their individual capabilities.

It’s just so easy!

You can start building multi-screen applications today by downloading Flash Builder “Burritto”.

There are also significant improvements for designer-developer workflow, which you can use in Flash Catalyst “Panini”.


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