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Sneak Peak at Cairngorm Persistence Library

For a while now I have been working on a ORM library for AIR and SQLite. It’s not officially launched yet, but if you want to sneak a peak and give it try then look “here”:

I took my initial inspiration from “iBATIS”: as I wanted the developer to have control over the SQL. It is intended to be incredibly simple. You put the SQL in a SQLMap and then decorate your VOs with metadata. There’s a sample app so take a look and let me know how you get on.

Cairngorm Plugin Available

The Cairngorm Plugin is now available as a public beta on Please click here for details on how to install the plugin.

I am looking for people to join the Cairngorm Plugin project team, if you are interested please email at


Cairngorm Plugin @ MAX

The Cairngorm Plugin has now been launched internally within Adobe Consulting (AC) as a private beta. Eric Garza and myself will be formally launching it as a public beta at our MAX talk.

We also have a cool looking splash screen for the plugin, which was designed by George Neill of AC along with all the other icons (and I thought George was just lazy :)).


In the run up to MAX I will try and blog some more details about the plugin and some up-to-date screens shots, as it has moved on since my earlier sneak peek.

Cairngorm Plugin Sneak Peek

This is very much work in progress, but I thought it was about time I shared my work on the Cairngorm Plugin. At the very least this blog post is intended to give myself a kick to get it finished! I would like to release a Beta version in the next couple of months.

The intention of the first release is to focus on the Front Controller and simplify the addition of new CairngormEvents and their corresponding Commands.

In the mean time I would like to provide some detail on what I have done so far and describe some of my ideas. In the whole the plugin is complete, I have all the moving parts, I just need to bring them together.

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Speaking at MAX 2007 on Cairngorm “Enterprise”

I am going to be at MAX 2007 in Chicago speaking about our ideas and current thinking that is shaping the future release of Cairngorm “Enterprise”. The title of my session is “Building Rich Internet Applications with Cairngorm and LiveCycle Data Services. My session is a case study on an Adobe Consulting project that has used Cairngorm “Enterprise”. The session will focus on how we have used Data Management Services and take a look inside Cairngorm “Enterprise”. I hope to see you there.

Alistair McLeod will be giving the same presentation in Barcelona.

Cairngorm 2 + XDoclet2

With the release of Cairngorm on Adobe Labs the package name has changed from org.nevis.cairngorm to com.adobe.cairngorm. I have updated the AS3 plugin for XDoclet2 to reflect the new package name so all generated VOs will now implement com.adobe.cairngorm.vo.ValueObject. You can also download the source from here.

For more information on XDoclet2 please see my earlier blogs:

Cairngorm 2 Security

It’s great to finally see Cairgorm 2 on Adobe Labs. To mark the occassion I thought I would post some code I developed a while back to allow Cairngorm to use secured server-side destinations.

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Cairngorm 2 Flex Library Project

Earlier this week Steven Webster announced a new release of Cairngorm 2 for the public release of Flex 2 Beta 3. As Steven said there is very little change and the migration involved little effort. The one thing I have done though is to move Caringorm 2 in to a Flex Library Project.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm – Update I

I thought I would follow-up on my last blog entry on XDoclet2. In the last week I have been going head-to-head with XDoclet2 in the hope it will save our team coding Java VOs and AS3 VOs. As the team started using more complex object types in Java it soon became apparent that the generated AS3 VOs weren’t going to work. This came as a bit of blow to us so we had to decide whether to drop XDoclet2 and hand-code both sets of VOs, fix XDoclet2 or look for a "home grown" alternative.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm

I recently wanted to generate Cairngorm VOs (a.k.a. DTOs) from Java VOs. I had a quick search on Google and quickly came across XDoclet2. The current version of XDoclet2 is v1.0.3. I have to confess I struggled to get it running due to the sparse documentation. However, my attempts to get it running were in vain as it wouldn’t generate VOs that I could use in Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). This is because v1.0.3 of the XDoclet2 plugins was released before features such as the metadata used by Flex Data Services (FDS) were known. In particular it doesn’t support the RemoteClass metadata.

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