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MAX 2010 – Day 1 – It’s all about the screen

It’s all about the screen. There is an explosion of new devices and screens. The desktop, phone, tablet and TV. Multiply that by the various screen sizes and we have a challenge confronting us, but the opportunity for innovation is endless. Specifically, it is interesting to see the various tablets coming on to the market and the different screen sizes. Who got it right or is there room for a range of sizes?

I am blown away by how well Adobe is positioned to own the screen. Flash really is everywhere. The product team has done a tremendous job making it available on all these devices and  adapting and optimizing it for the hardware.

Where’s there is Flash there is AIR. If Flash is our trojan horse then AIR is our army. Its ever expanding APIs make it easy to develop applications that are specific for the device by allowing us to leverage their individual capabilities.

It’s just so easy!

You can start building multi-screen applications today by downloading Flash Builder “Burritto”.

There are also significant improvements for designer-developer workflow, which you can use in Flash Catalyst “Panini”.


Delivery of a Mission-Critical RIA for NATO

At MAX 2008 North America I will co-presenting Delivery of a Mission-Critical RIA for NATO with Mansour Raad of ESRI.

We will presenting on Tuesday @ 4:30PM in Moscone West 2011 so come along and see us.

The session will take a look at a mission critical application developed for the NATO E-3a Component to plan missions flown by their AWAC aircraft.

The MSS application has been developed using Flex 3 and LiveCycle Data Services and makes heavy use of Data Management Services, which enables users to collaborate on mission planning.

A key element of the MSS application is the world map, which allows users to visualize and work with geo-spatial data. The map has been developed using ESRI’s AWX Flex API. The map is driven using managed data so a change to a geo object is immediately pushed to all users currently working with that geo object!

During the session will take an extensive look at the application and how it has been engineered using AWX and LiveCycle Data Services.

MAXchalking on Client-side Data Modelling in Flex with Data Management Services

At MAX myself an Tom Sugden will be doing a "chalk-and-talk" session. The "chalking" will last for 10-20 minutes. During this time we hope to bang a few heads together to help us answer three questions we have with the design of our client-side model.

We will start by providing you with some context, not much mind you as the clock is ticking. We will quickly move to draw up our design pattern for the managed-model and talk you through the problems it solves.

AC will be lurking in the corridors of MAX

Adobe Consulting will be holding a series of "chalk and talk" sessions at MAX this year. These include:

The idea behind "chalk and talk" is to reflect what goes on in the "war room" of any project, when the developers gather around the whiteboard to discuss their ideas on how the software will be designed. I am sure these sessions will be fun and informal and gives us all the opportunity to put our ideas forward.

I am bitterly disappointed with MAX

Today I have been scheduling the sessions I want to see while I am at MAX and I am bitterly disappointed. There is so much good stuff!! It has not been easy to prioritise and I wish we had more time to see more. How about making MAX five days next year? My choices this year are leaning towards AIR, plus a few other things on the side. So here are my top picks for MAX 2007:

  • Working with Persistent Data in in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
  • Customizing the Flex Framework
  • Flex on Rails
  • Advanced LiveCycle Data Services For Developers
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Tips and Tricks
  • Flex Roadmap
  • Boot Camp for Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
  • Building Stunning Flex Applications with Flex Builder and Creative Suite 3
  • Building Rich Internet Applications Cairngorm and LiveCycle Data Services – so good I am going to it twice
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Security

I will be speaking "Building Rich Internet Applications Cairngorm and LiveCycle Data Services". If you are interested in LiveCycle Data Services please make sure you also check out Jeff Vroom’s talk on "Advanced LiveCycle Data Services For Developers" – I’ve seen his presentation and it looks good. Be warned though, Jeff is also presenting at the same time as me on the Wednesday (who did the scheduling?), so make sure you make it to his first session on the Tuesday (9:15am). Jeff is "Mr Data Services" to the point I have named a section in my presentation after him. So if you want hear some "Vroomisms" please make sure come along to both our sessions.

My final recommendation would be Steven’s Webster’s talk on "Design-Led Innovation: Creating Disruptive Experiences". I would go myself, but why go to Chicago to hear Steven speak when I see and hear him most days in Edinburgh (and I have heard it many times before)? Joking aside, this will be an engaging session and Steven will blend Flex, AIR and LiveCycle to show how you can deliver compelling solutions the Adobe Consulting way.