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FlexUnit + Ant

I have been planning this blog for some time, but was spurred on by a recent blog on Continous Integration in Flex. This blog concentrates on integration between Ant and FlexUnit, I will post a follow-up entry with details on how to setup a CruiseControl server for Continuous Integration.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm – Update I

I thought I would follow-up on my last blog entry on XDoclet2. In the last week I have been going head-to-head with XDoclet2 in the hope it will save our team coding Java VOs and AS3 VOs. As the team started using more complex object types in Java it soon became apparent that the generated AS3 VOs weren’t going to work. This came as a bit of blow to us so we had to decide whether to drop XDoclet2 and hand-code both sets of VOs, fix XDoclet2 or look for a "home grown" alternative.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm

I recently wanted to generate Cairngorm VOs (a.k.a. DTOs) from Java VOs. I had a quick search on Google and quickly came across XDoclet2. The current version of XDoclet2 is v1.0.3. I have to confess I struggled to get it running due to the sparse documentation. However, my attempts to get it running were in vain as it wouldn’t generate VOs that I could use in Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). This is because v1.0.3 of the XDoclet2 plugins was released before features such as the metadata used by Flex Data Services (FDS) were known. In particular it doesn’t support the RemoteClass metadata.

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