Beyond MAX 2006

I have now arrived back in Scotland after MAX 2006 in Las Vegas, where I presented on "Understanding Security in Flex and Flash".

It is certainly strange being back home – Vegas and Edinburgh are a world apart, but I guess you could say that about Vegas and any city.

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EJB and Flex Integration

I am currently writing a demonstrator application for MAX 2006, where I will be presenting on security. As part of my application I want to show the propagation of the user’s identity from the Web container, in which Flex executes, and the EJB container, where business logic could be executing. Rather than write a remote Java object that acts as a business delegate I have written an EJB factory for Flex that is now available for download on the Flex Exchange. The EJB factory allows Flex to call an EJB directly.

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FDS Plugin for Eclipse Web Tools Platform

I have developed a plugin for the Eclipse Web Tools Platforms (WTP). The plugin provides a project facet, which is used to add Flex Data Services (FDS) functionality to a dynamic web project.

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Cairngorm 2 + XDoclet2

With the release of Cairngorm on Adobe Labs the package name has changed from org.nevis.cairngorm to com.adobe.cairngorm. I have updated the AS3 plugin for XDoclet2 to reflect the new package name so all generated VOs will now implement com.adobe.cairngorm.vo.ValueObject. You can also download the source from here.

For more information on XDoclet2 please see my earlier blogs:

Cairngorm 2 Security

It’s great to finally see Cairgorm 2 on Adobe Labs. To mark the occassion I thought I would post some code I developed a while back to allow Cairngorm to use secured server-side destinations.

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New FlexUnit Ant Task

Many thanks to Tony Hillerson of EUI for his contribution following my last blog on FlexUnit + Ant. Tony has taken the FlexUnit task and added the following properties:

  • haltonfailure – stop the build process if a failure occurs in one of the tests..
  • failureproperty – the name of a property to set if there is a failure in one of the tests..
  • verbose – print information about the test run.

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FlexUnit + Ant

I have been planning this blog for some time, but was spurred on by a recent blog on Continous Integration in Flex. This blog concentrates on integration between Ant and FlexUnit, I will post a follow-up entry with details on how to setup a CruiseControl server for Continuous Integration.

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Cairngorm 2 Flex Library Project

Earlier this week Steven Webster announced a new release of Cairngorm 2 for the public release of Flex 2 Beta 3. As Steven said there is very little change and the migration involved little effort. The one thing I have done though is to move Caringorm 2 in to a Flex Library Project.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm – Update I

I thought I would follow-up on my last blog entry on XDoclet2. In the last week I have been going head-to-head with XDoclet2 in the hope it will save our team coding Java VOs and AS3 VOs. As the team started using more complex object types in Java it soon became apparent that the generated AS3 VOs weren’t going to work. This came as a bit of blow to us so we had to decide whether to drop XDoclet2 and hand-code both sets of VOs, fix XDoclet2 or look for a "home grown" alternative.

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XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm

I recently wanted to generate Cairngorm VOs (a.k.a. DTOs) from Java VOs. I had a quick search on Google and quickly came across XDoclet2. The current version of XDoclet2 is v1.0.3. I have to confess I struggled to get it running due to the sparse documentation. However, my attempts to get it running were in vain as it wouldn’t generate VOs that I could use in Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). This is because v1.0.3 of the XDoclet2 plugins was released before features such as the metadata used by Flex Data Services (FDS) were known. In particular it doesn’t support the RemoteClass metadata.

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