Macromedia Podcast #1

Welcome to the first Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast. Below are all the links referenced during the podcast. If we left anything out, let us know by leaving
us a comment.

You can download the podcast from here.

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38 Responses to Macromedia Podcast #1

  1. Jason Pippin says:

    I’ve been waiting for something like this. I’m glad Macromedia has pulled this together for the community. Best of luck.

  2. Patrick says:

    way to go on starting a Macromedia podcast. if you use PHP at all you should also check out its a PHP podcast started by Marcus Whitney. good stuff.

  3. Kevin Hoyt says:

    Awesome! More, more, more!

  4. Sree says:

    really good one.

  5. Wade Arnold says:

    I listened to the pod cast while I was driving to lunch on my i-pod with three other developers in the car. We decided that we needed to get tattoo’s to get more connected to MM. What a great new outreach tool!

  6. David Sharpe says:

    Hey, I really like the first podcast. I think the podcast iis a freat thing. However, I think you guys have been doing a better job with the User Group – Wednesdays Tech meetings. What about combining these two concepts. Providing Tech Wed meetings as a podcast?Dave

  7. Redge says:

    Fabulous! This is fantastic, please keep it up. I’m absolutely into the Podcasting thing and I think this is a perfect use. It is fun to connect the voices with the names and I particularly enjoyed the interview.Thanks,Redge

  8. ericd says:

    I have created some decent bumpers using GarageBand, etc. If you are interested, let me know – just to inject a little fun into the mix.

  9. fyi,the guys over at rocket boots have put together an index of the podcast, which lists what was discussed and when:

  10. Patrick says:

    Are you going to pulish the podcast to iTunes now that 4.9 is out?

  11. Steve Ray says:

    Are you guys gonna publish an RSS feed for this so that we can subscribe?

  12. Very nice, please keep it going, sounded good and was very informative.

  13. Barry Frost says:

    Thanks, I really enjoyed it. A great way to geek out on the train home from work! I especially liked the hidden gem about techniques to deep link into RIAs.

  14. Bryan Zug says:

    Fantastic — please keep it up — used it with the new iTunes podcast support and it’s quite seemless — gratsi

  15. Great work, now that iTunes 4.9 is out and supporting podcasts you’ll have to publish it on their directory for it to show up there too!

  16. Stewart says:

    Loved it, very informative and really enjoyed Mark’s insights, whetted my appetite for Zorn even moreso. I’d really like to get more of those interviews that describe upcoming products and the process behind developing them. Also if you guys had any info on the MAX conference you could give us ahead of time that would be really interesting too.Thanks for your work.

  17. keithparent says:

    looking forward to seeing this on iTunes. you guys are always on top of things. can’t wait to kick back and geek out with this. i just updated my iTunes on 3 machines and i’m ready to go. i’ve been so busy that this will be a great way to keep up with some of the things you guys have been doing over here that i haven’t had a chance to read up on. good job as usual guys.

  18. Peter Witham says:

    Great work, cannot wait to hear more!

  19. Sarge says:

    In iTunes goto your Podcasts playlist – open firefox to and then drag the url into your podcasts playlist. This should subscribe you to the feed.-Sarge

  20. PaulC says:

    This is really great.I think you get more information out of people when they sit down to talk about it, instead of dashing off a post.It’s a lot easier to catch up on stuff while driving into work in the morning than reading updates during or at the end of the day.

  21. brian says:

    Awesome — very useful.Thanks!

  22. ethan says:

    this is great. I really enjoyed hearing you guys talk about this stuff rather than reading it. I’d like to see you guys up on itunes.

  23. Patrick says:

    I noticed in the source that there are extra iTunes tags in the RSS now. Have you already submitted it to the iTunes directory?

  24. >Have you already submitted it to the iTunes directory?Yes. we submitted it this morning. More info here:

  25. David Shardlow says:

    Awesome! Listening is SO much easier than reading blogs. (But don’t stop the blogs…!)

  26. Kim Hansen says:

    Really cool – this is perfect as a podcast – getting updated whenever you’re stuck in traffic or in the train..

  27. Ryan Moore says:

    Awesome job guys – keep it up… Stuff like this is REALLY important for the growing community!

  28. Kosso says:

    I have a podcast of Mike Chambers doing a chat at the London MMUG a while back. Been on holiday and working too, since then but will get it up and running soon.Here’s some Flash for podcatsing 🙂 – there’s more to come!!! yay!

  29. John says:

    Very cool. Love to hear more podcasts.

  30. Wade Arnold says:

    MM podcast flash podcast playerand example fla. Please post comments if you can think of ways to make it better. Pretty rough start but just wanted something up before the next release from flash forward.

  31. Pete says:

    Awesome podcasts so far, thanks alot. Keep them coming!

  32. kevin says:

    Great! Keep this up. Makes my 40-min drive in to work productive becaues I can hit the ground running.

  33. Ben Wigton says:

    great idea guys. Love the podcasts! Please keep them rolling. They are a great source of new info. and being able to scribe them from itunes is the icing on the cake!

  34. Thanks for the deep linking code!!! When can we expect more pod cast????

  35. Mathias says:

    Hey, why are there no new podcasts?Mathias

  36. saglop says:

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  37. morisawa says:

    You will recommend erasing it because there are a lot of contributions of spam.