Macromedia Podcast #3

Below are all the links referenced during the third Macromedia Developer Relations podcast:


00:00 – 00:22 – Introduction/License
00:23 – 00:54 – Table of Contents
00:54 – 11:29 – Flashforward, OSFlash Wiki, Flash Player 8 Public Beta
11:30 – 18:47 – Flash/Javascript Integration Kit
18:48 – 32:30 – Mike Williams Interview – "Future-Proofing Flash Detection"
32:31 – 41:40 – Deep Linking with RIAs
41:41 – 47:50 – Remix Contest Winners
47:51 – 48:15 – Wrap Up

The quality of today’s podcast varies somewhat due to the fact that we were all getting used to some brand new equipments. It’s not too bad, but we learned a lot, so the next one should be much better.

You can download the podcast here. Feel free to leave us feedback in the comments section below. Oh, and you can check out a picture of Mike and Scott in the Macromedia sound booth after the recording session here.

27 Responses to Macromedia Podcast #3

  1. Teresa Anderson says:

    I couldn’t find the website “” Also didn’t know where your website was because I found you via itunes. Please give links on your page and or spell them over the air.

  2. Rachelle Murphy says:

    Keep up the good work! Great format for getting needed information out to the masses!

  3. Joe says:

    These podcasts tend to run a bit long for folks who just want to pick up some news and tidbits. Maybe you could try to cut to the chase, or break up one podcast into a few?

  4. nathan mitchiner says:

    Great information! I don’t even mind the length as I mainly listen to it to and from work. Keep it up guys and can’t wait until Flash 8.

  5. Keith Kritselis says:

    Nice Podcast!My only beef is that it seems like Macromedia Developer Relations is only interested in developers that use Flash. Obviously, that is where your bread is being buttered right now, but how about throwing us Director developers(and in my case instructors) a bone….thanks… keep up the great work!

  6. I love Director. I use it every month without fail.I asked for DVD support for DVD-Rom content every quarter from 2000 via email to the wish list. It finally got put in place and low and behold… two quarters later Director broke all previous quarterly sales of Director.Imagine that! The community knowing what is needed! As much as I like Director I am not confident it will receive the love that Flash has gotten over the years. I’d like to at least get another version out of it so it would play nicer with Tiger.

  7. I appreciate the podcasts though. It’s nice to know what is in the works.

  8. joolze says:

    Thanks for doing this podcast. I asked Mike Chambers for it a few months ago on Flashlounge and I understand it was already under consideration. Thanks for going through with it.So far I’ve listened to the 1st podcast and Mark Anders. What a relief. As someone who fits more into Mark’s description of a ‘developer’, I’ve spent the last few years frustrated for the same reasons. Hearing what Mark had to say was music to my ears.This podcast format is the most effective, communicative format for me. Great to hear real people talking about real matters of interest.I don’t find the podcasts too long. If people want quick news there are many places to get it. A podcast is more suited for longer discussion… so please don’t change it.Thanks

  9. Thanks for publishing these! There awesome!! Keep’em coming…

  10. Ewan says:

    Brilliant, thanks for the effort in getting these live, much appreciated.

  11. kevin says:

    These are probably the best show notes i’ve seen for a podcast. Nice work.Developers’ days are full and I appreciate the great job you do in making the most of it.

  12. Kyle Ward says:

    keep it coming fellows!

  13. Brooks Smith says:

    When will we hear another episode? I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with the release of Studio 8 but come ON!!! We need our inside info!;-)Great show.

  14. David says:

    I’ve enjoyed the podcast a great deal, but the irregular intervals are tiresome. Can you post a prospective schedule for the next few and maybe an indication of the topics?If I could make a request I am very interested in setting up the flash player as an interface for other applications. Can you talk about player issues and how the player can be setup to work in other environments? I have a rough grasp of how ActiveX works from link , but cross platform issues are more complex than anticipated. I am also interested in the requirements for embedding the player in different DOMS.Thanks

  15. Mike Stead says:

    Enjoying these podcasts guys.Could you please publish the mp3s using a sample rate of 44.1Hz. I know you’ve reformatted the first two but the latest one seems back to an incompatible sample rate for playing through Flash… = chipmunk effect :)Speaking of which, will this ever be sorted? A podcast player I’ve developed runs into trouble with mp3s using incompatible sample rates.Cheers

  16. Martin says:

    What a nice surprise it was when I found these, just the right thing to listen to on the mp3 player when riding from one place to another.I find the length is ok, but a shorter one would also be fine (expecially if THAT makes you guys come up with another one soon ;-)(A short note on sound: the volume differs during sessions, depending on who speaks. So I had to adjust the vol knob a few times. It would be great if you could use a compressor with a higher ratio setting if you have that available.)Keep it coming!

  17. Doug Marttila says:

    I finally listened to these and really enjoyed them. I hope you guys put out another one soon.Thanks

  18. Sarge says:

    GUYS – Come on! This is one of my favorite podcasts – do a new one – give us some info on AS3!

  19. new one, new one, new one, new oneSee you guys next week at max?

  20. John says:

    Waiting it painful. Would love to have another podcast soon.

  21. mizzle says:

    i was certain we would get another podcast with the release of studio8… :(please = new podcast();

  22. Anne-Marie says:

    Have you given up on podcasting? Please continue!

  23. Ipixel8 says:

    DON’T STOP PODCASTING!These podcasts are an awesome idea! My commute is insanely long (Wash DC area) and these really help.DON’T STOP PODCASTING!I agree with several other posts about the bitrate. I use a Palm Tungsten T3 in the car, and I had to resample the last one from 12K to 22K so I could play it. I also shortened the info in the ID3 tags so I knew which one I was listening to. Also, podcast #2 had some sections where the audio is scrambled for a second. Was it just me or did anyone else have that problem? Sounded like a compression problem…DON’T STOP PODCASTING!And yes, Mike, please sit back a little from the microphone.DON’T STOP PODCASTING!

  24. Kyle Ward says:

    whats up with the wait?my roadrage is up with out my fix!common fellas!

  25. I’ve run into what looks like a bug in ExternalInterface, whenever I pass strings back and forth which contain carriage return or newline characters.My current workaround is to escape the strings before passing them thru the boundary and unescape them on the other side…

  26. ali says:

    Is there anymore podcasts coming? I love this

  27. Matt says:

    crap… looks like the adobe merge really left these podcasts in the dark.i for one miss macromedia, i feel like adobe is leaving the long tail up in arms… it’ll hurt them in the long run. 🙁