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Illustrator CS5: Community Buzz

With the Adobe CS5 release just around the corner, the design community has come alive with reviews, articles, videos, and sample artwork that showcase the powerful features of this release.

Illustrator’s community experts have come up with some very interesting videos about the new Illustrator features, such as:

  • Perspective Grid
  • The Width tool
  • Using the new Strokes panel
  • Creating complex shapes with the Shape Builder tool

These are of course just some of the features that make Illustrator CS5 so powerful and inadvertantly easy to use.

Look at what Terry White, a reknowned design evangelist has to say about the top 5 Illustrator CS5 features: 

For those of you who are more interested in the design perspective (quite literally), here’s an article that puts design in perspective, by Jackie Dove.

There’s another very exciting video by David Macy, that highlights the power of Perspective Drawing in Illustrator CS5. Take a look:

To get a more basic usage of the tool, you can also check this video that briefly describes how you can bring text into perspective and use the tool more efficiently: