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Prelude CC 2015

Today we are extremely excited to be releasing the newest version of Adobe Prelude CC, which is accompanied by all-new versions of our creative video and audio desktop apps.

Creative Cloud members and trial users are able to download and install these applications from today using the Creative Cloud desktop application, or online from Please note that the 2015 Creative Cloud releases are designed to remove previous versions of the CC apps. More information on this and how to adjust this default behavior can be found here.

The latest release of Prelude CC 2015 introduces the ability to record voice-overs onto audio tracks directly in a Rough Cut timeline. Recording voice-over tracks has been a long time request by journalist, editors, and producers in news and sports broadcast. The new streamlined workflow gives any user the ability to add production value to Adobe Prelude CC rough cuts quickly and intuitively in fast turnaround situations. Create a rough cut, add an additional audio track, and click the record button to get started. It’s that simple.

Adobe Prelude CC (2014.2) Update

The Adobe Prelude CC (2014.2) update will be available today as part of your Creative Cloud membership. This update includes features enhancements and a number of fixes. See below for details.


Downloading Prelude CC (2014.2)

The 2014.2 update is expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day. Download Prelude CC (2014.2) via Creative Cloud on your desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.


Prelude CC (2014.2) Bug Fixes

Fixed: correct release version now display in About Prelude CC window

Fixed: occasional issues with Premiere Pro interoperability

Fixed: issue where Media Encoder functionality was disabled in Prelude

Fixed: crashes while creating a Rough Cut with “List view + subclip only” enabled

Fixed: Issue where Prelude would mark Premiere Pro timeline elements (adjustment layers etc.) as “edited” in Anywhere productions.


Removed in Prelude CC (2014.2)

Speech-to-text functionality – for information on this decision read this post.

Speech Transcription Marker


Pricing and availability

Today’s updates to Creative Cloud are expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day as part of their membership at no additional cost. For new customers interested in trying them out, free trials of all of the Creative Cloud applications are available, including Adobe Prelude CC (2014.2)


To join Creative Cloud, special promotional pricing is available to customers who own Adobe Creative Suite 3 or later. Membership plans are available for individuals, students, photographers, teams, educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises. For pricing details, visit:

Turning the spotlight on modernized production

British network transforms production with Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

For more than 50 years, ITV has delivered beloved and successful programming to households throughout the United Kingdom. Today, ITV is probably best known for its flagship serial dramas, Coronation Street and Emmerdale, both of which have been on the air for thousands of episodes and found popularity with audiences around the world. Decades of experience with the fast turnaround of these dramas has underlined the importance of efficient production and streamlined workflows. In his upcoming talk at IBC, Martyn Suker, head of production innovation for ITV, will share some of his secrets to establishing superior production workflows.

Adobe: Tell us about what you do at ITV.

Suker: My main focus is to set and continuously review the digital production strategies across ITV Studios. I also support and advise teams for all our productions. Sometimes that means helping a show find the right facilities, developing a new workflow, or helping them maximize the creative opportunities of emerging technologies or techniques, at other times it can mean advising on standard camera policies.


Adobe: What is the production modernization program?

Suker: We’re always looking for ways to improve processes and the way that we work. Right now, our main focus is on how we can simplify our production workflows. It’s not just about swapping out a few pieces of software or hardware here and there. It’s an overarching change program looking at roles and responsibilities, best practices, and the entire production culture. Ultimately, we’re looking to save time and money during production so that we can shift more value on screen.

Adobe: What were you looking for in a solution?

Suker: We were definitely looking for an end-to-end solution. Having said that, when most people speak of an end-to-end approach, they are usually just referring to the post-production process. We look at the entire production process, starting from the early stages of commissioning and ending at the final delivery and archival. Importantly we want to track production information throughout the production lifecycle and wherever possible, automate mundane tasks. It’s about providing a better experience for users all round.


Adobe: How does Adobe Creative Cloud fit in to the production workflow?

Suker: We’ve been using Adobe Story CC Plus on Coronation Street and Emmerdale for quite some time. It’s a big operation; both shows have three or four crews working simultaneously everyday for 50 weeks a year. With such a fast turnaround they need to shoot out of order, so Story plays an incredibly important role in helping us keep track of schedules and scripts.


Designers have also been using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for quite some time, but the two most recent additions to our workflow have been Adobe Prelude CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. By adopting an all Adobe workflow it’s possible to take advantage of the built-in integrations, allowing us to work more quickly and effectively.

Adobe: How does MioEverywhere support the production workflow?

Suker: MioEverywhere from is a highly configurable production information and workflow management system that’s helped us take our workflow to a new level. We used it to build panels in Prelude and Premiere Pro that help simplify data and media management within that part of the process. One of the key advantages of Creative Cloud is the ability to do that type of integration, quickly and simply.


Adobe: How did you decide that the Adobe workflow was right for ITV?

Suker: We want productions to have the ability to choose the right tool for the job. We ran a pilot using Creative Cloud and MioEverywhere to produce a recent drama documentary. It was about ensuring we had the right approach, functionality and capabilities. There are always issues when you introduce something new, but you only discover those issues when you put it into a real environment—an actual production that’s got to meet deadlines and provide quality.

Adobe Prelude worked very smoothly by enabling the production team to log and ingest footage quickly and efficiently. The editor, like most of our editors at ITV, had never worked with Premiere Pro before and it was a complicated edit involving drama reconstructions mixed with archive footage. We proved there were no more issues than you would normally expect with such a complex piece of editing, indeed some things were better.


Adobe: What were the results of the pilot?

Suker: Prelude was particularly effective in providing huge time savings during ingest. Overall the benefits were significant and as a result we were able to move investment to on-screen talent. Having a recognizable high-profile leading actor may convince the network to give us a better slot in the schedule, pulling in a bigger audience and in turn, driving more revenue.

Moreover, it proved Adobe does not prevent us from working with other tools. For the pilot program, the producer wanted to work with a particular colorist and dubbing mixer. We just exported the masters, handed them over to the post-production house, re-imported the grade and dub and then finished the program in Premiere Pro. Even though it’s possible to handle everything within the Adobe workflow, we proved it’s also flexible enough to give production teams those options.


Adobe: Why did you get an enterprise term license agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud?

Suker: We can see opportunities to use Creative Cloud across the company, both in production and with our development teams. We want choice and to encourage staff to experiment with different software within Creative Cloud to provide further benefit. For example, one of our production labels is using Creative Cloud to create content for all its YouTube channels. Using the full range of toolsets within the suite is saving a lot of time and indirectly of course, money.

Adobe: What are the next steps for ITV?

Suker: We got approval for funding based on the success of the pilot, so now we’re ironing out all the details in terms of the best configurations, implementing our learning from the pilot and procuring the right infrastructure to support initial roll-out across the company.

We’re also working closely with production, development teams and editors to get them used to working with Prelude and Premiere Pro. We’re really excited about its possibilities and the opportunities that for example, Adobe Anywhere might also offer in future.

Martyn Suker, Head of Production Innovation at ITV Studios, will be presenting in the Adobe stand at IBC 2014 on Saturday, Sept. 13th at 5:00pm, Sunday, Sept. 14th at 5:00pm, and Monday, Sept. 15th at 5:00pm.

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Adobe Prelude CC 2014 Update

Announcing the next release of Adobe Prelude CC 2014

Since the release of Creative Cloud it’s been non-stop innovation across Adobe – and the story is no different for the Prelude team.  We are proud to be announcing great new features across the Adobe Pro Video software family including market leading Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Audition, and Adobe Media Encoder.  For an overview of all the top features coming with the newest release of Creative Cloud for Pro Video visit the Creative Cloud blog  and for more details check out our data sheet.

The fall release of Adobe Prelude CC 2014 is a continued reflection of customer feedback on the features that will make a Prelude an even more powerful Ingest, Logging , and Rough Cut tool in their Adobe toolset.  The biggest emphasis for this release was improving the capabilities of the rough cut functionality to meet the needs of producers, journalists, and field teams that need a simple but robust assemble tool for fast turnaround edits. That said, we did not forget about Ingest and Logging, and we made sure to continue our commitment to add value to all of the key functionalities of Prelude.

Prelude rough cuts are now even more suitable for quick turnaround to air when there is no time for craft editing.  In and Out Point Support for clips in the Project panel thumbnail view offers a faster way to assemble to a rough cut.  Once the rough cut is assembled, quickly add one of the basic Video Transitions and Audio Transitions across clips with the new Add Transitions button.  Then use the Additional Audio Tracks feature to add background sounds, voice over, music, and any other audio files that enhance the finished feel of the rough cut.  In addition to these track enhancements, Prelude now allows the user to set the Start Timecode for the rough cut timeline.  This value can be based on a custom timecode value or the start timecode of the first clip in the timeline.  Prelude is there for you when you need a workhorse rough cutter for quick, easy, and basic assembly.

Make your media easier to manage without the pain of long transcodes. Prelude has worked with the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) team to enable Rewrap to OP1A MXF.  Media and clips can now ingest and export faster by avoiding transcoding and/or rendering whenever possible.  Using the Match Source preset under the transcode option in the Ingest dialog, AME will extract media from folder based formats, like XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX, AVC-Intra, XAVC, and DNX HD, into one simple MXF file.  Using the Match Source preset when exporting a rough cut sequence will rewrap any matching clip rather than rendering or transcoding.  Our goal is to save you time, while making your asset management easier.

For this next release the Prelude team also wanted to improve the workflows around the new Tag Templates introduced in the June release.  Start by assigningKeyboard shortcuts for Tagging in tag templates for faster and more efficient keyboard driven logging.  Then, more easily identify tagged markers on the Timeline because they are now the same color as the Tag button used to create them.

In addition, all of the Adobe video and audio applications feature a refined user interface, with new support for HiDPI displays on the Windows platform, accompanying the existing support for Apple retina displays.

The film, video and broadcast industries are evolving at a rapid pace and Adobe continues to develop the tools you need to stay creative while keeping up with the latest industry trends. The Adobe Pro Video team has been working hard to bring you a powerful toolset for all your production and post production needs. We’re very excited for what’s to come – and we hope you are too.  Stay tuned for more information!



Prelude on the Red Carpet

Hi! Michael Lewis here, Product Manager for Pre-Production workflows at Adobe.  A couple of weekends ago, I had the amazing opportunity to experience first hand the innovative workflow that Jason Pattan has implemented at MTV for red carpet and award show coverage.

Red Carpet moment

Michael Lewis on Red Carpet – No screaming fans. Hmm?

Jason is the director of content production and technology management for MTV Music Group, and there is a great and detailed blog post about the specifics of his workflow here. Let me give a quick recap of the workflow before going on.

  • 4-6 live camera feeds being captured as growing files to shared storage
  • 4 Prelude stations to ingest the growing files and create sub-clips
  • Send Sub-clips from Prelude to Adobe Media Encoder for transcode and transfer to a MediaSilo watch folder.
  • Post to MediaSilo for distribution to affiliates
Jason Pattan and Michael Goshey (Sr. Engineering Manager - Video Production Workflows Adobe)

Jason Pattan and Michael Goshey (Sr. Engineering Manager – Video Production Workflows Adobe)

Wow!  What an amazing spectacle this award show is in person!  And the first challenge that Jason and his team have is to capture all of the moments and feelings of the event.  From the musical artists walking the carpet, posing for photos, and giving interviews, to the response and energy of the crowds of screaming fans, they are constantly reviewing the clips in Prelude for the best moments. Their next challenge is to get clips up to the MediaSlo repository in as close to real time as possible for affiliates and their own MTV channel. Keep in mind, there are only 3-4 people working on creating clips at a time.  This year they were even a bit daring – I think it helped their confidence to have two Adobe people on hand – and tried a new workflow where two Prelude stations worked on the same clip at the same time.  Their daring paid off.  For the first time, they were able to finish creating and uploading clips from the red carpet to the MediaSilo repository before the main VMA show began. A fast and efficient workflow powered by Adobe Prelude CC 2014.  Nice!  I love this stuff!  J

Aside from the thrill of seeing Prelude meet the needs of this innovative production crew, I was also pretty psyched to be right in the middle of the area for post awards acceptance interviews and press photos.

Orange is New Black

Cast of Orange Is The New Black

We were stationed below the stage in the Press Room area, which meant that all of the most popular music artist walked right past us after receiving their music video award.

Photographer gallery

Press Room – Photographer gallery



Lorde wins Best Rock Video

I am usually pretty impervious to “fame”, but I’ll admit I was a little excited about seeing Beyoncé up close and personal.  The show was a success, and the workflow that Jason and his team implemented captured each and every thrilling moment the red carpet, the live performances, the award ceremony, and the behind the scenes action.  I don’t know if I will be able to make the case for attending again next year, but I will certainly try.

Michael Lewis

Press Room – Still no screaming fans



Beyoncé – Many, many screaming fans. Oh, I get it!


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