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workflow guides for several high-end cameras and formats in Premiere Pro and After Effects

Adobe has been putting out several white papers, workflow guides, and other materials to give the nitty-gritty details of how to work with several high-end cameras and formats. Many of these resources are collected here.

This blog post is a summary of some of these resources, and links to some that aren’t captured on this page.

Note that most aspects of working with most of these formats in After Effects and Premiere Pro are not significantly different from working with movie files using other formats and codecs, so the instructions for importing and exporting are much as you find in the general documentation on importing and exporting in After Effects Help and Premiere Pro Help:

These workflow guides were written for Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6, but most of the material is still useful if you’re still using the CS5.5 version. If you don’t yet have CS6 Production Premium, you can order it here… or try it free for 30 days so that you can make full use of the features described here.

RED digital cinema (R3D)

“Using Adobe Premiere Pro with RED digital cinema content”

This paper gives an overview of working with RED (R3D) digital cinema files.

Recently, Adobe and RED presented an hour-long online seminar about using Adobe software with RED Digital Cinema cameras. Representing RED was Ted Schilowitz, and representing Adobe was Wes Howell, software quality engineer.

If you have questions about using RED Digital Cinema cameras and footage with Premiere Pro and After Effects, the best place for those questions is the RED User forum, where several experienced editors and Adobe staff are active.

Panasonic P2

“Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium: End-to-end workflows for Panasonic P2 and P2HD cameras”

This paper describes working with footage from Panasonic P2 and P2HD cameras in AVC-Intra 50, AVC-Intra 100, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, and DVCPRO HD formats.


“Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium: End-to-end editing workflows with Panasonic AVCCAM cameras”

This paper describes working with footage from Panasonic AVCCAM cameras using the AVCHD codec.

  • Part 1: aquiring and archiving AVCHD footage
  • Part 2: ingesting and logging footage in Adobe Prelude CS6 (more detail here: Prelude Help)
  • Part 3: working with AVCHD footage in Premiere Pro (more detail here: Premiere Pro Help)
  • Part 4: working with AVCHD footage in After Effects (more details here: After Effects Help)
  • Part 5: delivery options and working with AVCHD footage in Adobe Media Encoder (more details here: Adobe Media Encoder Help)

Canon digital video camcorder and DSLR cameras

“Using Adobe Premiere Pro with Canon Digital Video Cameras”

This paper covers video formats used by Canon video cameras–DV, HDV, AVCHD, and Canon XF (MPEG-2).

Adobe Premiere Pro also offers native support for high-definition video shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, 1D Mark IV, and EOS Rebel T2i DLSRs. For the DSLR workflow, see Karl Soule’s video, “Working with HD digital SLR footage in Premiere Pro”.

Jason Levine has a series of video tutorials on Adobe TV that show how to shoot and edit HD video from DSLR cameras using Premiere Pro and other applications in Creative Suite Production Premium. These videos are aimed at photographers and other folks who are somewhat new to video editing, so this series serves as a pretty good overview of Premiere Pro in general.


“Using Adobe Premiere Pro with tapeless Sony XDCAM content”

This paper describes working with footage from Sony XDCAM cameras in XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM HD 50, XDCAM EX formats.


“Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with file-based JVC ProHD content”

This paper describes working with footage from JVC ProHD camcorders.

video tutorials, didacticiels, tutoriels, Lehrgänge, チュートリアル, esercitazioni, tutoriales

[See the corresponding post for After Effects, too.]


Adobe and its partners provide a basic set of video tutorials on the Adobe website (CS5+CS5.5, CS4, CS3), in addition to excellent tutorials provided by other members of the community.

Because most features don’t change substantially from one version to the next, most materials created for Premiere Pro CS3 are still valid and useful for Premiere Pro CS5 and CS5.5. I find that many of the tutorials created for CS3 are still very much worth watching.

Many sections of Premiere Pro Help refer to additional video tutorials in context to provide information about specific features. If you know of an excellent video tutorial or other resource about Premiere Pro, please leave a comment at the bottom of the relevant page of Premiere Pro Help on the Web to tell others about it.

From the Community Help page, you can also search for community resources not on the Adobe website.


アドビ システムズ社で、ビデオチュートリアルの基本セットを提供しています(CS5 + CS5.5, CS4, CS3)。他にも、コミュニティのメンバーから提供された優れたチュートリアルも提供しています。

Premiere Pro のヘルプでは、特定の機能に関する情報を提供するために、文中で様々なビデオチュートリアルを参照しています。 Premiere Pro の日本語チュートリアルや、日本語で説明された制作例などをご存知でしたら、Premiere Pro オンラインヘルプの該当するページのコメント欄にてご紹介ください。コメント欄は、各ページの一番下にあります。

コミュニティヘルプページでは、アドビ システムズ社の Web サイト以外のコミュニティリソースも検索することができます。


Adobe und seine Partner stellen der Adobe-Website einige grundlegende Video-Lehrgänge bereit (CS5 + CS5.5, CS4, CS3). Sie werden ergänzt durch hervorragende Lehrgänge von anderen Community-Mitgliedern.

In vielen Abschnitten der Premiere Pro-Hilfe wird auf weitere, kontextbezogene Video-Lehrgänge verwiesen, die über spezifische Funktionen informieren. Wenn Sie interessante und hochwertige Tutorials oder andere Quellen kennen, die sich mit Premiere Pro beschäftigen oder artverwandte Themen behandeln, hinterlassen Sie bitte einen Kommentar auf der jeweiligen zugehörigen Seite der Adobe Premiere Pro Onlinehilfe, so dass andere Anwender diese auch finden können.

Auf der Seite Community Help können Sie auch nach Community-Ressourcen suchen, die nicht Teil der Adobe-Website sind.


Adobe et ses partenaires proposent un ensemble basique de tutoriels vidéo sur le site Web d’Adobe (CS5 + CS5.5, CS4, CS3); ils s’ajoutent aux excellents didacticiels d’autres membres de la communauté.

De nombreuses sections de l’aide Premiere Pro renvoient à d’autres didacticiels vidéo en contexte pour fournir des informations sur certaines fonctionnalités spécifiques. Si vous avez un bon tutoriel vidéo ou d’autres ressources en français à recommander pour Premiere Pro, partagez-les avec d’autres utilisateurs en écrivant un commentaire en bas de la page concernée sur l’aide en ligne d’Adobe Premiere Pro.

Sur la page de l’Aide communautaire, vous pouvez également rechercher des ressources communautaires qui ne figurent pas sur le site Web d’Adobe.


Adobe e i suoi partner offrono un set di base di esercitazioni video sul sito Web di Adobe, oltre alle ottime esercitazioni fornite da altri membri della comunità di utenti.

In molte sezioni della guida di Premiere Pro potete trovare riferimenti a esercitazioni video rilevanti per specifiche funzioni. Se Lei sa di un esercitazione video eccellente o altra risorsa circa Premiere Pro in italiano, La preghiamo di lasciare un commento in fondo alla pagina relativa di Premiere Pro Aiuto per il Web per dire ad altri di esso.

Dalla pagina Community Help, potete inoltre effettuare ricerche nelle risorse della comunità che non si trovano nel sito Web di Adobe.


Adobe y sus socios ofrecen un conjunto básico de tutoriales en vídeo en del sitio Web de Adobe, además de los excelentes tutoriales ofrecidos por otros miembros de la comunidad.

Muchas secciones de la Ayuda de Premiere Pro se refieren a tutoriales en vídeo adicionales en contexto para proporcionar información sobre funciones específicas. Si sabes de un tutorial en video excelente, o de otros recursos sobre Premiere Pro en Español, por favor deja un comentario al pie de la página relevante de la Ayuda de Premiere Pro en la Web para compartirlo con otros.

Desde la página de Ayuda de la comunidad, también puede buscar recursos de la comunidad que no estén en el sitio Web de Adobe.

how to search for Premiere Pro tutorials, Help, and more

As I said in a post for After Effects, Community Help search is better than plain ol’ Google. Really.

To summarize that post, I’ll say this: Rather than using plain ol’ Google search, I recommend the much more efficient Premiere Pro Community Help search. I assure you that the Premiere Pro Community Help search will find virtually everything worthwhile about Premiere Pro that a regular search on would—and the Community Help search will filter out a tremendous amount of noise/garbage.

The Community Help search is actually a Google custom search engine that we maintain. We enter websites that have been vetted as being of high quality and as providing free resources about Premiere Pro, as well as other Adobe software.

If you find something free on the Web that is useful for Premiere Pro users but doesn’t come up in a Community Help search, tell us, and we’ll evaluate it for inclusion. (One of the ways to tell us about a resource is to add a comment to a relevant page of Premiere Pro Help on the Web, pointing to the resource.)

The Premiere Pro Community Help search is available from the top of every page of Premiere Pro Help on the Web.

You can also do this search from the main Premiere Pro support center page.

There’s also a Premiere Pro Community Help search plug-in for the most common browsers.

Note that you can just search within the Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 Help document, too.

If you have any problems with searching Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 Help, let us know. That includes telling us if you searched for something and couldn’t find it, as well as just not knowing what word to search for.

A good place to ask questions and give feedback is the Adobe Premiere Pro user-to-user forum. Of course, if you have feedback about a specific page of Premiere Pro Help, then you can just leave a comment on the relevant page.

a call for submissions, suggestions, and so on

[Subscribe to this blog.]

My name is Todd Kopriva. Some of you may know me as the guy who’s been helping you to find information about After Effects for the past several years. Now it’s also my job to help you to find information about Premiere Pro.

I’ve been a Premiere Pro user for years, but I’ve not been as deep into the Premiere Pro resources (e.g., tutorials, forums) as I have been for After Effects. So I’m asking for your help. In this post, I’ll point to some things that I’ve built up for After Effects, and then I’ll ask you to help me to find the building blocks with which to do the same for Premiere Pro.

community resources in all languages

I provide a list of informational resources about After Effects, both on the Adobe website and on other websites: “After Effects community resources (in several languages)”

I’d like to build up a similar list for Premiere Pro.

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what websites I should include.

getting started resources

I created this page for After Effects CS4 and updated it for After Effects CS5: Getting started with After Effects (CS4 and CS5). We also created a getting-started portal page: “Learn After Effects CS5: getting started and tutorials”.

We already have an instance of the latter for Premiere Pro CS5: “Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: getting started and tutorials”. What would you like to see changed on this page? Added? Removed?

What about an equivalent to the hand-holding getting-started overview? What would you put in such a post for Premiere Pro?

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what you think.

additions, corrections, and links for Premiere Pro Help

Please, please, please leave comments on the relevant pages of Premiere Pro CS5 Help on the Web.

Is a page unclear? Leave a comment and tell me. Be specific.

Is the information incomplete? Leave a comment and tell me. If you have the information to fill in the gap, please leave it in the comment and help thousands of your fellow users.

Is there a web page that explains something better than a page of Help, provides additional information, or is otherwise useful and relevant to the topic? Leave a comment and tell us. Don’t be shy about promoting your own website. We encourage it.

Do you know about a tutorial, article, or other useful free resource about Premiere Pro? Find the relevant page of Premiere Pro Help, leave a comment, and tell us.

changes to Premiere Pro Community Help search

We’ve fine-tuned the After Effects Community Help search so that you can search across high-quality websites for After Effects material.

What about the Premiere Pro Community Help search? Try searching for your favorite resources. Are they included? Do you see results that are bad or just don’t make sense?

Please send me email (at kopriva [at] adobe {dot} com) to tell me what websites I should include or purge from this custom search engine.

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