Help documents for Creative Suite CS5, CS5.1, CS5.5, and CS6 applications (PDF and HTML)

This page includes links to the Help documents (user guides, manuals) for CS5, CS5.1, CS5.5, and CS6 applications.

These are just the English-language documents. I gave links to some documents in other languages here.

Note that for each application there is a link for CS5 and CS5.5/CS5.1, as well as a link for CS6. The CS6 link actually goes to a document that includes information about CS5, CS5.5/CS5.1, and CS6 versions of the application—all together. Unfortunately, there is no document for just the CS6 version of each application.

If you’re using CS5, CS5.1, or CS5.5 versions, you’ll want to use the link for just CS5 and CS5.5/CS5.1 versions. The PDF documents that include documentation for CS6 versions are missing many features found in the documents for CS5 and CS5.5, including working cross-reference links.

Important: If you have feedback about CS6 documentation, please give it on the Community Help forum, where the right people will see it, not in the comments of this blog post.

Other documents in the Help system, including reference documents

Several applications have additional documents, including API references, programmer’s guides, and other resources for creating and using extensions. For those documents, see the respective home pages for the documents listed above.

10 Responses to Help documents for Creative Suite CS5, CS5.1, CS5.5, and CS6 applications (PDF and HTML)

  1. Pete says:


    This summary of all user guides was (and is) of great help to me. Is there a similar easy access method for the CS6 user guides?

    That would be great!

    Pete Hoving

  2. Access the After Effects CS6 documentation here:

    Full PDFs will be available in June.

  3. Access the Premiere Pro CS6 documentation here:
    Full PDFs will be available in June.

  4. Alan Craven says:

    What a pity the CS6 documents lack both page numbering and index! This really does reduce their usefulness for old fogies like me.

    • Todd Kopriva says:

      I agree, Alan. Please give your feedback about the Help system on the forum that I linked to above for feedback. That way, the people who can address your feedback will see it.

  5. PECourtejoie says:

    Tood, thank you for gathering them.
    It might be useful if the PDF would be listed on this page as well:

    If you guys make a connect session about Community Help contents/structure/delivery, I would not mind to be contacted.

  6. Lambert says:

    Wow, it’s been a while since I am searching for theses PDF. thanks for sharing the information. Thank you for all the list of PDF’s

  7. KRASH says:

    Thank you Very Very MUCH.
    For some ungodly reason, when you click the help tab in CS5 it sends you all over the Adobe map.
    It took 20 minutes on Adobe’s site to find this page.
    When will they get it through their thick heads that when some one clicks on HELP,
    they are looking for HELP.
    Usually a simple question on “how to.”
    They don’t want the Cloud, product sales, or any other “we are great” page.
    They just want a quick answer.
    Thanks again for providing a link to the actual manual, something Adobe forgot.

  8. Alan Craven says:

    I have just downloaded the updated versions of the PDF User Guides for Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Encore and Photoshop CS6, and found to my horror that they are the User Guides for CC!!!

    Can you please make available once again, the latest version of these guides for CS6.

    Audition and Bridge cover both versions. I do not know about the rest as I have no interest in any of these.

    Unfortunately I have also updated my local versions accessed through Help within the respective programs. Is their a way that I can revert these to CS6 versions?