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What is a JDI? ‘Just do it!’

Premiere Pro CC is built to be a rich, powerful video editing application that allows editors to meet the demands of modern post-production – quickly and intuitively, with minimal interruptions and maximum creativity. The Premiere Pro team focuses our priorities for each release by listening closely to problems and desires of editors. Of course, editors who cut with Premiere Pro are always excited when we release groundbreaking new features like the Mercury Playback Engine, Dynamic Link to After Effects, or the Lumetri Deep Color Engine; but it’s often the enhancements, the editorial polish that really make editors happy, make you say “Yes! This will make my workflow so much smoother!” It’s these refinements that we call JDI features – ‘Just do it’.


Between every engineering sprint (a several week period when the Premiere Pro team is developing features) we take short breaks to focus solely on JDIs. So how do we define a JDI? What elements make a feature request fall into the “this is gonna take a while” bucket or the “we should just do this” (JDI) bucket? The definition is very simple:


A JDI is a feature that can be fully implemented and fully tested in one day.


Some examples of recent JDIs would be –


• New keyboard shortcut or button for existing functionality – like the shortcut added in the July 2013 release to toggle between Source and Program monitors.


• Visual cues to ease the interpretation of your media – like through edit indicators added in the June 2013 release, or offline audio showing red that was added in the July 2013 release.


• Preferences to customize user experience – like the preference to not automatically jump to the beginning of the timeline or clip after playback has reached the end added in the July 2013 release.


The great thing about Creative Cloud is that now we can deliver JDIs faster and more frequently than ever before – we put time into engineering both the groundbreaking features as well as revisiting and continually refining the editing experience based on your feedback to help you work faster and more efficiently. So keep telling us what you think – we’re listening!


We asked. You answered.  Many of the JDI feature requests submitted are already IN the October 2013 release of Premiere Pro, now you have the chance to help us decide one more feature that will be coded at the IBC Show and included as well.  Vote via Twitter from Monday, Sept 9th at 6pm PST to Tuesday, Sept 10th at 6pm PST, including @AdobePremiere and #myJDI with the number/name of the feature YOU want in the next release:

  1. Render Multiple Sequences: Ability to highlight sequences in a bin, and choose to render them all – not encode, just render any effects on those timelines.
  2. Add Effect Preset: Double clicking an Effect Preset adds it to the selected clip instead of editing the preset. Making them the same behaviour as adding the base effect or plugin keeping workflow consistent.
  3. In/Out Ripple Delete: Ripple Delete works on in/out ranges not just selection
  4. Add Keyframe Shortcut: An Add Keyframe keyboard shortcut.
  5. Toggle All Target Shortcut: Ability to toggle target all tracks on and off at the same time.


If you have ideas for features you think are a little more involved than what would be considered a JDI you can always submit feature requests here.


Hi there!

Please Adobe!, PPro grew up so much that it’s my one and only editor by now.
The only thing I’m missing is quite a simple feature.
When the CTI is at the end of the timeline the pgm monitor shows black. Much more useful in terms of editing would be to show the last frame of the timeline with any kind of indicator that you are at the end of the sequence. When coming from competitors you’re so used to actually see what you’re cutting to instead of a black frame. Which isn’t any helpful at all.

It’s such a simple yet powerful feature :) and makes daily editing much more enjoyable.


Good Job!!!

Would love the ability to easily render (export) all of the individual clips on a timeline to separate files using Media Encoder. Ideally they would be rendered with the clip name and allow a different extension or at least a filename consisting of the sequence name with an appended clip number. I currently have to do this manually by selecting each clip, setting the in and out points to the beginning and end of the clip, selecting export media, then changing the name of the output file from the sequence name to a unique name.

I’m not sure if this is a JDI, but it doesn’t seem awfully complicated. I will submit as a feature request as well.

    +1 to this request. Would be really handy.

I’d love to see more info and better performance in the Markers window. This could easily be expanded to a full engineering push for more functionality (ie. select color, extend duration/range shortcut, delete from Markers window, etc.) but a JDI could be as simple as display Name not just Comment.

    I’ve always liked how Logic dealt with markers, where you can have a label for a particular timeframe. Not sure if that’s usable, but I would like it.

    +1 on marker options. Custom color coding of markers would be really handy to help visually identify markers based on User organization and workflow methods, not just Green for comment, Red for chapter, etc. Thanks!

Maybe not a jdi, but stronger keyword implementation – aka final cut pro x would make premiere pro so great.

“Disable All Effects ” Toggle for smooth playback in filter-heavy timelines.

    Good one! I’ve asked for this too. :-) Probably not a JDI.

    +1 on this. This is so needed.

      Yes!!! I want this option as well! +1!

two things…

1) ability to highlight sequences in a bin, and choose to render them all – not encode, just render any effects on those timelines.

2) ability to match frame from a subclip back to the master clip, not just the subclip

The ability to render more than one sequence at a time. I work in a promo environment and can have up to 60 :30 spots to check and render.

    This is one of our top feature requests, so stay tuned!

      Sounds like this wish had been granted in the October update…

Thank you, thank you for the toggle between Source and Program. That helped a lot. I know it seems like a tiny thing but it really did.

Not on CC yet, and may be not a JDI, on more LUT functionalities on the fly – is there any native LUT Buddy-like!

Visual Keyboard for the Keyboard Shortcuts… like the old days!

I second Thorsten’s temporarily disable all sequence effects toggle. Have often found myself wishing for this.

after selected items in teh project panel, Shift Clicking the folder icon would create a new folder and place the items in the folder (as it does in PS)

Have an overlay for depth of field so you can see exactly where things will be in and out of focus depending on distance from the camera. Possible implementation could be the same as a layer mask in Photoshop. See image for mockup.

A set of After Effects keyboard shortcuts set for SFX guys using Première? And also a set of Pr shortcuts in Ae for the editors doing the occasional post-production?

    +1! One click to switch between the two would be great!

Please let us batch render sequences as another user selected above. Select a bunch of sequences, hit the command to render, and render all effects in all sequences.

Please also add a way to queue multiple sequences for export at one time without dragging to AME.

    As I mentioned in my reply to an earlier comment, this is one of our top feature requests, so stay tuned!

Keypad buffer, so it remembers the last thing you typed into it. Lost since Avid, but massively helpful when doing doing repetitive trims or reentering effects values.

Make the “add edit” keyboard shortcut function like the current “match frame” keyboard shortcut. Selecting the clip overrides any track targeting.

    Another one of our top feature requests, so please stay tuned!

Allow editors to transcode entire sequences. Better project-management to export and save just the timeline. Right now long GOP and, MP4 structures do not export to a trimmed archive. Also AE sequences don’t carry over. Must move manually to archived trimmed project. Better and more transitions.

Double clicking an Effect Preset adds it to the selected clip instead of editing the preset. Making them the same behaviour as adding the base effect or plugin keeping workflow consistent.

    I vote for this one. This really IS a JDI.

A way to import/export markers. Our work flow produces and uses timestamped information. We publish technical course videos. Our reviewers make timestamped comments about the video, like “add a call out pointing to the box” sort of thing. If we could import these as markers our video editors could navigate to each mark and correct what needs fixing. The video editor can make additional comments and they could do this by adding a mark. Then we could export all the markers for the rest of our work flow, possibly back into Premiere again.

A visual keyboard for shortcuts would be great especially one with the ability to assign multiple keys to the same function. Also reverse match frame would be nice.

oh…and markers that stick on the timeline clips…not just the timeline

    +1 to this. Very useful

Need an ADD KEYFRAME keyboard shortcut.

Need to be able to see track selection more clearly. Custom colored would be best.

Need top and tail fade to map to keyboard.

Need a fit to fill keyboard shortcut.

Please please please…need to be able to toggle target all tracks on and off at the same time.

More to come. Thanks team Premiere. You guys really are killing it! Kudos.

I really wish that Premiere would offer screen recording. I understand that Adobe has a different piece of software that records screens, but it’s super freaking expensive. I think that Adobe CC should at least include a screen recorder of some kind.

Fix copy and past for transitions. Right now it is a pain to copy a transition and paste it. you have to have your playhead in the right place, and the layer selected just right, and then sometime it will paste it on to multiple layers, its kind of a pain. how about select the transition, hit copy, select the spot where two clips touch, hit paste. JUST LIKE WITH FCP7. still keep the old wonky way for wonky people, but please add this. Thanks.

OH, and can we please have the same transitions on the mac version as on the windows version. Why cant us OSX people have a clock wipe :(

Can we get Keylight from After Effects in Premiere? ultra key is okay, but Keylight would kick major butt

XML that translates well for DaVinci.

When I am half way through rendering out the timeline, and I hit cancel, it saves non of the work it did, can this be fixed to show part of the clip rendered when you cancel it half way through.

    This ^^ please

      This, SO MUCH.

Motion blur in animated titles, clips, and Picture in Picture ;D

    YES motion blur

It would be great to have an audio syncing plugin! (i think Premiere is way better than FCP X except for that plugin, which is, in my opinion, essential for a videomaker)

    Already there. Right click, synchronise, then select audio.

      Sorry, i should’ve upgraded to CC before posting anything (thanks for the answer anyway)

There may be a feature that already does this but I am new to PP and haven’t found it yet if it does.

The ability to import and match ALE, csv and tsv logging metadata to clips in the bin and map the logging fields to metadata fields. This would mean things like camera generated metadata files, logging info generated on set and other sources of info could be imported and matched to your clips so they could be properly used.

Of course it would be lovely if Premiere natively and automatically read in the clip metadata from native camera generated clip headers from most cameras – especially things like the Arri Alexa but I think this would go way beyond a days work so outside the realm of a JDI.

Don’t know if this is a “JDI” but I would like a plug-in similar to Cinawear in AE that would allow me to Jump in to DaVinci Reslove and back to Pr with out the need to export to grade in Resolve.

I recently switched from FCX on Mac to PPro on PC, and I have to say I love it. There is more customization allowing me to get the exact “look” and feel I want for my projects. The big thing that I would want to add is an audio sync plug in so I don’t have to do it by hand or with a third party program.

    This is available in CC



I’d like the ability to bump values like scale, position and effect amount with the up and down keys, like in after effects.

    Yes, me too!

Slow motion feature a la Twixtor. BTW, the new Warp Stabalizer is amazing.

Please add Cinema DNG support for Premiere Pro CC. This would make the workflow for shooting RAW 2.5k on the Black Magic Cinema Camera much easier. Currently, only After Effects CC supports DNG files.

Dynamic link with Audition.

I’d like the ability to preview in full screen.

    You can! Hold down control and hit the tilde key (to the left of the 1 key) when the pointer is over the source or program monitor.

Would love to be able to hear sound in after effects so I could sync up an effect with a certain sound cue.
Thanks. :)

Make it available for the 32-bit users PLEASE!

Please add a motion track system that mirrors the movement. So you can put something on your camera (like a stick for example) that is in the frame of your shot. If you can track that point and mirror the movement you can put something in your scene that doesn’t move, but the good thing is that there is no motion blur that can screw up your track, because the point moves with the camera!

I find zooming in the timeline with the scroll wheel is wonky on Mac. Seems to zoom out then jumps back to a close zoom. No control like we have in AE.

I also want Adobe to develop a replacement for QT Player so clients have an easy tool to download for free and watch our movies with accurate color reproduction. Mercury playback would be nice. Doesn’t need any bells and whistles, just the tools found in QT Player 7.

    Amen to the QT player idea. I HATE the way QT screws with colors.

Animating the elements in the titler

1. Save custom versions of transitions so that you can apply a transition with the same setup multiple times without diving into its properties each time you use it.
2. Export markers between after effects and premiere for dynamically linked projects.
3. Open multiple premiere projects at once.
4. Multicoloured markers and an easier way to set an in and out point for a maker to mark a time range in a sequence.
5. WMV Export on Mac straight out of prem and ae.
6. Play audio clips in AE without having to the current hassel.
7. Shortcuts keys for patching which tracks are active in a sequence.
8. Nice easy way to toggle between video and audio waveform display on source monitor
9. A verticle line marker that you can drop across all tracks at once to visual see if unlinked media has slipped out of sync due to other edits as the marker would move and break to follow clips as their position moved up or down the timeline. So as the line would be broken if time was added or removed from a track it would be easy to see where things had moved and realign them.

    3. Open multiple premiere projects at once.

    This would be huge, for a number of reasons. One example…we recently did a project with a lot of source media (5000+ clips), and when sharing sequences back and forth between editors, it became very tedious re-importing sequences (which then duplicates master clips). Being able to have two projects open, and copy-pasting small changes between them would be so helpful.

    While you’re at it, allow us to import a sequence to a project and relink to existing media instead of duplicating clips.

      Agreed! Very good feature when cutting similar projects month after month.

Temporary Toggle of the Hand Tool, so that holding down the H-Key switches temporarily to the Hand tool from the current tool and then switches back once the H-Key is released.

This is the easiest JDI which would be great for all customers: Reinstate permanent non-cloud licensing! I’m sure you could do that in a single day – if you want me and thousands like me as customers again.

If you aren’t going to just do it, then JCI: just consider it.

It would be great if when I’m grading in Premiere I could see the next and previous shot on timeline in three different windows. Also would like a separate window just for scopes. Sort of like Avid when you switch to color correction mode.

Timecode display of all source clips on a timeline like FCP7. “Timecode Overlay during edit” is helpful during trim operations, but need it all the time in most situations in program monitor. Also nice to have in pop-up timecode window as an option – but not in place of pgm monitor.

Thanks for listening and all the updates the last couple versions!

- please allow the TAB key to be used as a valid keyboard shortcut
- please allow video to be viewed at a variety of magnification values in full screen mode (such that the video does not necessarily expand to fit/fill the whole screen but could rather be seen at say 100%, 75%, 50% magnification floating in the center of a black screen (similar to the lights out feature in Lightroom)
- please allow a form of fullscreen app mode (similar to Mac OS’s native fullscreen mode or Photoshop’s implementation) which would hide the application window bar and auto-hide the menu bar
- please allow the option of hiding the bottom tool help/status bar
- please allow an option to rename and apply labels to the clip at play head position without explicitly having to select the clip first


I want a way to split a selected clip in the timeline that ignores any targeted tracks. Highlight, split, done. No multiple mouse clicks trying to set target tracks.

Match a frame from a subclip to it’s master clip

I would like it if you would give the Mixer Brush a different shortcut from the regular brush so you could switch real quick between them. Sounds like not that big thing but it drives me crazy. I currently use a panel button so I can switch quickly, but a shortcut would be a lot easier. Thanks for listening.

When the type tool is active and you want to choose a particular font, you have to scroll all the way up or down.

For those of us with extensive font collections, it can take time.

Why not enable users to type the first few letters of a font name, and be whisked to the font that most closely matches what has been typed so far?

Other programs like QuarkXPress do this quite efficiently.

1. Motion blur!! This has been in the FCP-toolbox for ages, after effects motion blur is very nice.

2. Enable several favourite cross dissolves/crossfades, and make them keyboard-assignable, not just one as it is today.

When editing in FCP, I could have two buttons, one for a 10 frames cross dissolve, for longer fades, and one for a 2 frames cross dissolves, useful for smoothing out audio in hard cut interviews.

3. Please do something about your video-transitions. The “Cube spin” looks awful 2013!! When you play it back slowly you see how badly the animation is done. Do something about it or remove it, it looks so bad at the moment.

With this said, thank you for your effort! It’s really nice to be a part of a movement that is forward-striving and that listens to its audience. Good work, keep it up!

    Yes to making multiple favorites for effects! That was my favorite shortcut for color correcting in FCP 7.

* 10 frames cross fade, not dissolve.

In Lightroom and ACR – be able to erase or mask out effect of graduated filter. For example – darken the top of a sky but remove the effect from buildings sticking up.

I really miss being able to move clips or the playhead around by typing in numbers — 10 frames here, 6 frames backwards, etc. Very useful behavior in FCP, would love to see it in PP. Maybe I don’t have my keyboard shortcuts set up correctly so let me know if this exists already; I know there are shortcuts for fixed increments but I would like to just click on a clip and type in whatever number I want. Clicking on the timecode indicator in the timeline and typing in ‘+’ or ‘-’ to maneuver the playhead doesn’t work either. Also — the ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys on my Macbook Pro don’t work like the dedicated ones on my full-sized keyboard with number pad; since they need a modifier (Shift) PPro doesn’t seem to recognize them.

It would be nice if the Bridge CC Output module would just work. Tried all of the web suggestions, Help Desk (not good). I use it frequently and PP-CC Contact Sheet II is a poor substitute. Thanks.

I’d like customizable ‘Media Offline” images.



- Proper video scopes. Look at FCPX butik allow multiple scopes at a time. Make scopes a separate window that can monitor source or canvas.

- Batch-export and batch-sequence rendering. Seems the October release gets something in the lines of this via AME.

- Over-haul the time line look. For some reason it still looks more confusing and dated than both FCP7 and X. This goes for selecting and moving items in bins and folders also.

- Over-haul color-correction in PrPro. Make filter match what we expect from AE. HLS-filter for example is broken. Three-way CC works worse than similar filter in FCP7 and X.

- In AME being able to refine how a setting interpreters footage, scales and encodes it. Way to often apps get this wrong, forcing a setting is usually the best if one knows what they are doing.

- Make selecting items in AME behave like selecting items in OSX. Right now it’s a pain either changing the interpreting of 10 items or changing the setting of 10 encode settings.

- Make AME able to add a “pre-roll” and “post-roll” media or at least allow us to set x frames of black.

- AME audio normalization filter.

- Make AE render stereo sound as stereo and not dual mono. I think AME and PrPro suffers for this also.

- Mask-tracking in AE is sweet. Does it track mask-paths as well? Can we control per vertex data in masks now? If not – please add that!

- Mask-tool in PrPro. With tracking. The ability to assign external locations for tracking-data for the 3D tracker and / or warp stabilizer.

- Faster saving in AE. Complex projects kill saving.

- Much faster / smoother rendering of the GUI in AE. I don’t understand why the GUI can’t be über smooth.

I’d like to see a quick way to “remove all unused clips from the project.” You can currently exclude unused clips when you’re exporting using Project Manager, but what if you just want to say “at this moment…right now…what can I remove from this ridiculous list of things I’ve imported but never used?” One click – and they go away.

    Have you tried Edit->Remove Unused?



I would like to be able to collapse the multi cam to the original clips when I’m done. Particularly so that when I dynamic link with After Effects I only have the 1 clip that I’m intending to work with and not every track from the multicam showing up in After Effects with most often the track I want to effect buried somewhere

I’d like to be able to set the duration in the preview window.

Also, I’d like a wireframe mode in the timeline window. I think there are too many mouse clicks to go to the effects tab and select the motion icon for every clip you want to adjust.

More than 32 levels of undo.

Audio positioned in timeline in units smaller than a frame does not always properly ripple or maintain its timing when copy-pasted.

Dragging clips up or down to edge of timeline window does not always scroll window up or down, making it difficult to reposition clips vertically.

Hold down shift to lock clip timing while dragging up or down.

Holding option while dragging should duplicate the clip even if option key is released before unclicking. I always do this via an fcp7 habit and move the clip instead of duplicating it. seems like a JDI.

Ability to keyframe animate luma and rgb curves. Make more filter parameters animate-able in general, please.

Thank you for all your great work!!

You mentioned – “Preferences to customize user experience” … well, perfect. Here’s a true JDI for you:

Okay, how about adding a preference so that one can drag and drop a clip from the source monitor onto the timeline regardless of what “source patching” is selected. That’s the way it worked in CS6. Please. Give us the ability to drag and drop effectively. From the Source Window…If you want only video, you can drag the film strip. If you want only audio, you can drag the waveform. But if you drag the image, you normally want both. Same track/different tracks can be handled with patching, but when dragging the image, ALWAYS bring down both REGARDLESS of patching.

If you don’t want to have this work like it did in CS6, then PLEASE give us the “option” or “preference” to make it work.

In the PRINT dialog, under SCALED PRINT SIZE, it shows the measurement for HEIGHT and then WIDTH. That’s bass-ackwards … we always refer to width first. (A portrait can be 5×7, but in landscape orientation, it’s 7×5.) Seems like a minor thing, but this is every bit as wrong as publishing a book with the even numbers on the right….

Oops…. my comment was for Photoshop, not Premiere. Please excuse the error……

Let’s have the ability to lock a Dynamic Link timeline render, allowing for safe editing of an After Effects DL clip without causing it to un-render.

1 – Toggle all track selection
2 – Render all sequence at the same time
3 – Shift select tracks like in Avid

Better masking tools in Premiere:
The garbage mattes desperately need feathering and inverting options. FCP7 has this. It’s the only thing stopping me from switching to ppro.

Direct link for After Effects. Dynamic link is fine but something that doesn’t require creating an after effects file would be great. Also a timeline that updates both ways like what’s recently been introduced in speed grade

+1 for toggle all sequence effects on/off, for smooth playback
+1 for motion blur on moving titles, PIPs, etc!
1. NEW shortcuts for adding default transitions to CTI only, and not to any selected clips! (i.e. give us back our CS6 shortcuts before they were ruined in CC. Adding default transitions to selected clips should have been done through NEW shortcuts in CC, not by destroying the default behavior of our old ones. Adobe, please show some respect to your longtime users!)
2. INTELLIGENT Multicam design, whereby the Camera Angles and the Program Monitor can occupy either the same or SEPARATE windows that are independently sizable/positionable and full screen/full frame viewable (sorry to be blunt, but the current GUI for multicam editing in CC is hands down idiotic since it offers zero advantages over having separate windows, while removing all of the advantages that separate windows would entail). This HAS to be fixed ASAP!
3. ‘Nudge Clip Selection Up/Down’ shortcuts that actually work in a way that respects editing conventions (i.e. if video is nudged up a track, linked audio should also be nudged UP a track, not DOWN a track!!! It isn’t April fools every day of the year, so whoever at Adobe decided to play this sick joke on us should fix it now)
I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that for now. As nice as some of the upcoming changes are, they aren’t enough to get me back on board with CC until, at the very least, they fix the ‘add default transition’ shortcuts they ruined in CC, and fix the Multicam interface so that it operates according to HUMAN logic.

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