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Issue with Premiere Pro December 2013 Release

We have become aware of an issue in the recently released December 2013 Update of Premiere Pro CC. If you are user who frequently imports from other projects, or via XMLs, we recommend that you do not install this update. We are working hard to fix this and hope to have a patch available within 7-10 days. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


After the update I’m having trouble when exporting a sequence.
I’m getting weird digital audio glitches in the exported file.
Also my mac crashed twice since the update yesterday. (not just PPro, but the whole lot)
When exporting to an H.264 MP4 file, I get weird artefacts in the export.
Please help, because the end of the yaer is deadline-time for my clients.
Specs: MacOS 10.8.5, adobe CC
(can I revert back to the previous version?)

Does it impact dynamic links, or just import and XML?

Is this why Premiere Pro CC slowed down on my machine? Had been using 7.1 for a while (relatively new to PP) and it was performing really well on my MacBook Pro (quad core 2.3ghz, 8GB ram, 512 vram) but now when I try to work in the project in 7.2 my machine and Premiere Pro is painfully slow resulting in many seconds of lag time when doing anything. Also, playing back my project is now impossible. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful or reference to another forum to discuss this. Thanks in advance. – Tak-Seng

I have regrettably upgraded to this 7.2 with issues beyond just import and XMLs (which I do currently do). The big on my end and apparently many others is this noise transition issue. Please read this post to gather information on this.

This bug has made it extremely difficult to use you Premiere software. I just hope this issue is being addressed.

In the mean time, it would be great if you could give an option or an how to on a way to go back to version 7.1. for those who have upgraded and rely on premiere as their primary NLE.

Thank you

I downloaded the updates, it froze my computer halfway through. Only some changes applied? I have no idea. All I know is I had a project for a graphic design class in Premiere Pro CS6 in Creative Cloud. I had terrible issues exporting (did the usual file, export, media, and any format you can name – none of them worked except windows media), and when I turned in my FINAL DVD it only had the file complete with interface, which then would not open on the MAC at school (it worked at home),it said the file was somehow damaged. I finally got my sequence to export in windows media format and had to email it to my professor. Not sure if she can open it with a Mac. Thanks a lot, I had an A, not sure what my grade will be now. I hate this CC crap. And to think I still have 10 months more to pay for something that is always freezing up, not responding, just not working.

Yeah, I’ve noticed a couple of major issues now.
Firstly, as you said, there is an issue with XML’s not working as they should. They don’t export reel information causing issues with DaVinci, for example.
Secondly, the trimming feature doesn’t support, or doesn’t trim GOP media, especially Long GOP media. SO media like XDCAM, MPEG-2 based media makes the consolidations (to use an Avid term) very large and hard to archive.
Can you gives us any indication when these maybe fixed please. I’ve already reported it/them as bugs.

Like I said in the original post, 7-10 days for the XML fix (from posting date). We also plan to fix an issue with audio transitions that some users are seeing. Project Manager and LongGOP media is a longstanding request and not specific to 7.2 – support for trimming those formats has never existed in the app. That said your request is noted!

Yes, audio transition issue for me. Audio dissolves are buzzing.

Looks like clip spanning with media from the canon C300 is not working anymore… The first ≈5min of the clip works but the rest of the clip gets the zebra stripes. Looks like premiere cannot see the other segments in the spanned clip. And for the C100 clip spanning won’t work what so ever and the media browser doesn’t see the card as AVCHD as it does with other AVCHD cameras. This needs to be addressed. Because we work with a lot of media longer then ≈ 5min and need the spanning feature to work on both the C100 AND C300.

Thanks in advance


And why on Earth, isn’t this noted in the update description 4 days later?
There is still written “bug fixes”.

You could note “bug feed”, but at least the warning above.

I just lost an hour trying to find out why my playback is frozen because I had the unspirited idea to upgrade before begining a new sequence! God beware, i didn’t the same thing on my mac book. But I sure would prefere to work on my dual screens than on my 13i display.

At least that is the best demo against anybody who args for automatic upgrades !

I’ve also lost (useable) GPU acceleration with the latest update, it was fine in 7.1 but now with GPU acceleration turned on Premiere Pro is unusable and takes over 25 mins to render 30 seconds of footage that takes less than 1 min to render with GPU acceleration turned off.

Not sure if this is a wider issue or not as I haven’t found too many people who are having the same issues.

(That being said, my card doesn’t seem to be listed on our support page, ATI Radeon HD 5870 but it has been working fine for months with GPU ac turned on).

This still hasn’t fixed the issue of Premiere not getting past the QuicktimeExporterBundle loading on the splash screen.

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