Newly supported GPUs in Premiere Pro CC 7.2

The Mercury Playback Engine is built to leverage modern system resources as much as possible, and working with a supported GPU gives the ultimate performance. With the latest release of Premiere Pro CC (December 2013), several new GPUs have been added to the supported list. This includes the AMD GPUs found in the new Mac Pro from Apple (note that dual GPUs are supported for export, and one is used when playing back). EDIT: please note that dual GPU support for export is not limited to the Mac Pro, but any system with multiple GPUs).

Below is the list of newly supported GPUs. Full information about the December 2013 release can be found here.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
NVIDIA Quadro K1100M

Win OpenCL:
AMD Radeon R9 290

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

Mac OS OpenCL:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
AMD Radeon HD FirePro D300
AMD Radeon HD FirePro D500
AMD Radeon HD FirePro D700

4 Responses to Newly supported GPUs in Premiere Pro CC 7.2

  1. Martin says:

    Is the Intel Iris supported ?

    • amooney says:

      Not officially. You can fire it up on Windows but we haven’t whitelisted it yet. It doesn’t work on Mac at all. We work very closely with Intel though, and are really keen to get great performance on this platform.

  2. Kevin says:

    The XML Export is only working (including the reel name) for DaVinci Resolve when exporting an XML of the entire project (without having anything selected in the project panel). When exporting just a selected timeline the generated XML won’t have any reel names and won’t import in Resolve. (so that XML Bug is still there, right?)

    that just took me half a day to find out…
    It would really help if I could export just an individual timeline (especially in complex projects)

  3. Paul says:

    Are dual GPUs also used when exporting to AME queue? Or does it have to be a straight export out of PPro CC?