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“Fresh Dressed” break-dances onto the big screen at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Editor Andrea B. Scott cuts hip-hop fashion documentary using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Hip-hop is more than a musical genre, it is an entire subculture that includes unique musical and vocal styles, dance moves, and distinctive fashion. Director Sacha Jenkins created Fresh Dressed, screening at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, to document the history of hip-hop fashion from its birth in the South Bronx to its rise as a billion-dollar industry. The film is produced by CNN Films and accomplished editor Andrea B. Scott cut the film using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe: What is Fresh Dressed about?

Scott: Fresh Dressed outlines the evolution of hip hop fashion, featuring in-depth interviews with people crucial to its evolution, supported by a lot of great archival materials. The vibe is thought-provoking while still being fun and energetic. Viewers will recognize familiar faces and musical tracks.


Editor Andrea B. Scott

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Bringing “The Stanford Prison Experiment” to the big screen

Kyle Patrick Alvarez returns to the Sundance Film Festival with his latest feature film edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The Stanford prison experiment is one of the most famous psychological experiments of modern times, playing a significant influence in academic and popular culture. Filmmaker Kyle Patrick Alvarez, known for his work directing Easier with Practice and C.O.G., brings the experiment to theater audiences in the upcoming feature film The Stanford Prison Experiment. With a strong ensemble cast including Billy Cruddup, Ezra Miller, and Olivia Thirlby, The Stanford Prison Experiment is slated to compete in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Dramatic Competition

Kyle Alvarez_1

Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez (Photo by Steve Dietl, courtesy of Sundance Institute)

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“Advantageous” puts futuristic lens on modern struggles

Award-winning director’s feature-length film edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC premieres at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Writer and director Jennifer Phang caught the attention of movie aficionados with her award-winning feature film Half-Life, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Now, with several more directing, writing, and producing credits under her belt, Phang is back at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival with her dystopian mother-daughter story, Advantageous. Phang and her co-editor Sean Gillane edited the film using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


Director and co-writer Jennifer Phang (Photo by Chuin Phang, Courtesy of Sundance Institute)

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Sundance Film Festival ’15 sees a 130%+ increase in films edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC


A hub of creativity, the Sundance Film Festival features filmmakers who aren’t afraid to break new ground. While much attention is paid to how the stories unfold in front of the camera, filmmakers continue to innovate and push creative boundaries after filming wraps.

Adobe is proud to report that 21 films debuting at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival were cut with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, more than doubling the number of films edited on Premiere Pro from last year’s festival. The seamless integration with Adobe After Effects CC, as well as the native editing, speed, and affordability of Premiere Pro make it an ideal choice for both up-and-coming and experienced filmmakers. read more…

Really Creative Media adds visual pop to Queen + Adam Lambert tour

Combining theatrical sensibilities with digital video to deliver stunning live events with Adobe Creative Cloud

From musical performances to runway shows, more and more live events are incorporating high-tech video displays to take the experience to the next level. Nick Dew and Jack James combined their video and theater backgrounds to found Really Creative Media, a London-based agency that specializes in digital and live production. The company uses Adobe Creative Cloud to craft video, lighting, and audio content that helps pop stars, fashion houses, and film premieres shine. Recently, the team brought their magic to the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, allowing the rock legends to honor their late band mate Freddie Mercury.


Queen + Adam Lambert world tour stage

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Premiere Pro CC (2014.2) Release

Today we’re announcing the release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.2, which contains some important editing enhancements, including support for Arri Open Gate media, the ability to set transitions and still image default durations in seconds or frames and Cineform Export improvements. We’ve also improved scrubbing and shuttling in long GOP MXF files. In addition, QuickTime and Cineform codecs are now available for use as sequence preview file formats on Windows.

Download Premiere Pro CC (2014.2) via Creative Cloud on your desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.

For this release, we focused our efforts on addressing the most critical issues that affect customer workflows. With this goal in mind, a large number known issues and bugs have been fixed. Here are some of the notable issues resolved:

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Adobe Media Encoder CC (2014.2) Update

The Adobe Media Encoder CC (2014.2) update will be available today as part of your Creative Cloud membership. This update includes features enhancements and a number of fixes. See below for details.


Downloading Media Encoder CC (2014.2)


The 2014.2 update is expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day. Download Media Encoder CC (2014.2) via Creative Cloud on your desktop, or online through your Creative Cloud account.


Please note that as of the 2014 release, Media Encoder CC now has its own installer. That said, installing updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014 and later) will trigger the Media Encoder CC installation.


Media Encoder CC (2014.1) Enhanced Features


Destination Publishing to YouTube and Vimeo

This release of Media Encoder includes new Destination Publishing options for uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. You will find these under the Publish tab in the Export Settings dialog box. The first time you use the feature, you will need to log in to YouTube and Vimeo with your username and password to upload your rendered files to these destinations.


Updated Vimeo presets

The h.264 Vimeo presets have been updated in accordance with guidance from Vimeo. The presets are now also set to match the frame rate of your source material.


Append preset name

There is now an option in the Media Encoder preferences that will include the name of your preset at the end of the output file name. Enable this option in the Media Encoder Preferences by checking “Append preset name to filename”.


Abort on failed decode

We have added an option to abort the encode if a decode error is detected. At this time, this functionality only applies to MXF source files. You can enable the option in Preferences by checking “Stop current item if decode errors are detected”.


Export channels as separate WAV files

We have added an option to the WAV format that will allow you to create a separate file for each channel of audio in your source file. You can enable this option by choosing Waveform Audio as your format and from the Export Settings dialog, checking “Export each channel as a separate file”.


Updated GoPro CineForm presets

In the 2014.1 release of Media Encoder there was a mismatch between the GoPro CineForm presets and the bit-depth of the resulting output. The export settings and presets have been renamed to correctly match the expected output. The following presets are available for the GoPro CineForm codec:

  • GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with alpha at Maximum Bit Depth
  • GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with alpha
  • GoPro CineForm YUV 10-bit


We have also added a tooltip to the Quality slider to make it easier to determine what level of quality you are selecting.

Please see this post for more information:


Success chime” and “goat noise now turned off by default

After a successful render, Media Encoder will no longer play a chime sound by default. More importantly for some users, the “goat noise” will no longer play after a failed render! If you love the goat, or miss the sweet sound of success, you can still turn these sounds back on in Preferences.



Media Encoder CC (2014.1) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various fixes for CC and FTP upload
  • Fixed: Smart rendering ProRes sources is very slow
  • Fixed: ProRes XQ sources decode with incorrect gamma setting
  • Fixed: Some DNxHD source decoded with all red frames
  • Fixed: Some h.264 exports were using the wrong colorspace
  • Fixed: PNG image sequence export was very slow
  • Fixed: In some situations timecode overlay would drift out of sync
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Adobe Media Encoder output and Encore
  • Fixed: Some MPEG2 exports muxed with Dolby Digital audio would play out of sync in non-Adobe applications




Pricing and availability

Today’s updates to Creative Cloud are expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day as part of their membership at no additional cost. For new customers interested in trying them out, free trials of all of the Creative Cloud applications are available, including Adobe Media Encoder CC (2014.2)


To join Creative Cloud, special promotional pricing is available to customers who own Adobe Creative Suite 3 or later. Membership plans are available for individuals, students, photographers, teams, educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises. For pricing details, visit:

RocketJump practices and teaches next-generation filmmaking

Makers of Video Game High School tackle 4K and connect with aspiring filmmakers with help from Adobe Creative Cloud

Millions of subscribers to the web show Video Game High School are a testament to the idea that if you produce it, they will come. In 2010, University of Southern California graduate Freddie Wong began making the kinds of videos he wanted to watch and posting them on YouTube. More than one billion views later, RocketJump, the production company he co-founded with partners Dez Dolly and Matthew Arnold, is showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to securing a content deal with Lionsgate, Wong and his Co-Producer Ben Waller are paying it forward by launching RocketJump Film School to teach aspiring filmmakers the tricks of the trade.

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“Stan Lee’s Superhumans” searches for real-life superheroes

Production company creates third season of hit series with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Established in 1994, Off the Fence is an award-winning integrated content company headquartered in Amsterdam. The company creates high-quality non-fiction and independent films for international co- production partners including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Voom, NHK, France Télévisions, Arte, Canal Plus, BR, ZDF, NDR, and The History Channel.

One popular show produced by Off The Fence for The History Channel is Stan Lee’s Superhumans. Myth meets reality as the hosts of Stan Lee’s Superhumans search the globe for real people with extraordinary powers. Launched in 2010—together with Stan Lee, co-creator of superheroes such as Spiderman, X-Men, Iron Man, and The Avengers—the show has gained a large and enthusiastic following of fans for The History Channel and now H2.

Series Producer Andrew Zikking, brings more than 15 years of experience across a wide variety of genres for UK broadcasters, to this successful U.S. brand. For the third season of Superhumans, Zikking has been using Adobe Premiere Pro CC to replace the company’s existing Apple Final Cut Pro platform.


Eduardo Lasaga – Body of Steel

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