Adobe Captivate 4 – The future of elearning is here!

Bring out the bugles, trumpets, trombones, the drums, and the congas! Adobe Captivate 4 is here, and how! The latest avatar of Captivate 4, the grandest yet, comes with a set of useful features that you been asking for, and more! With this version, Adobe Captivate breaks free, and comes into its own. It is now a complete elearning tool by itself, relying minimally on third-party software for support.

Apart from these new features themselves, we are sure you will enjoy the improved performance, and enhancements to some of your favorite features. And did I mention the improved help system with much much better content?

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In the coming weeks, I will be taking you through the commenting feature in Adobe Captivate. Most of it is covered in the documentation, but there are things that I can only say in my blog, and you bet, I will!

In today’s world where training budgets are tighter than ever before, elearning and its development has become all the more relevant. Adobe Captivate 4, the rapid elearning development tool from Adobe, provides you all that you need to redefine the elearning experience, and go beyond the possible.

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3 Responses to Adobe Captivate 4 – The future of elearning is here!

  1. Mike says:

    where is the mac version?

  2. preran says:

    Mike, unfortunately there is no Mac version with this release. And I am not supposed to speak for the future. So, hang in there.

  3. Ellen says:

    What version of Flash NEEDS to be used with Captivate 4.0?