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_root issue in Adobe Captivate

SWF movie created using Raptivity uses _root inside its ActionScript. In most cases, SWFs referring to _root do not work inside any container that loads the SWF.

In the slide containing your SWF file, insert the Attached SWF , and publish the file. Both the files should be externalized when publishing.

To externalize the SWF file:

1. Select Edit > Preferences.
2. In the Publish Settings option of the Project menu, select Animations in the Externalize Resources list.

(C) Content provided by Krishna Kiran from the product team.

Wishlist for future Captivate releases

Now that Adobe Captivate 4 is here and how, it would be nice if you folks could tell me the things that were on your wishlist that we missed in this release. I have my own secret list that I plan to pass on to the team soon, and if you could meanwhile send yours, we should have enough to keep Santa Claus busy. Clauses apply.

Tutorial on Adobe Captivate 4 project templates

The movie covers the process to create project templates, and use them to create projects in Adobe Captivate 4. To view the movie, Click Here.

To save the file to your computer, right-click the link, and select Save Target As.