_root issue in Adobe Captivate

SWF movie created using Raptivity uses _root inside its ActionScript. In most cases, SWFs referring to _root do not work inside any container that loads the SWF.

In the slide containing your SWF file, insert the Attached SWF , and publish the file. Both the files should be externalized when publishing.

To externalize the SWF file:

1. Select Edit > Preferences.
2. In the Publish Settings option of the Project menu, select Animations in the Externalize Resources list.

(C) Content provided by Krishna Kiran from the product team.

6 Responses to _root issue in Adobe Captivate

  1. Manny says:

    I have the same problem. but this tip don’t solve my problem.

    Do you have another idea?


  2. Paul J says:

    Does work BUT you can only have one Raptivity file per Captivate file which isnt good.

    The second you add a second one on any frame in your course the first one will not disappear unfortunately.

    Would love the ability to add several Raptivity files to one of my courses.

  3. learnzone says:

    I am trying to insert into captivate/presenter a swf file that loads external swf files (and xml data too). However I have found that it will only display the information in the swf file it loaded (not the external swf it calls or the xml data). I have tried to integrate the fix.swf you have here but it didn’t work. Any ideas? Can this be done?

  4. learnzone says:

    I got it to work inside of Captivate (the swf the loads external swfs and data from xml) – I needed to copy the external files to the same directory the captivate file is in. My question is now – when I insert these captivate files into Adobe Presenter they don’t work, or if I try to insert these files straight into Presenter (ie not from Captivate) they don’t work. I also tried to use the fix file in Presenter but I guess it is not coded to work with it. Any ideas if this is possible?

  5. itzel says:

    Where is the attached swf? when i click the link i see nothing.

  6. Tiggaa says:

    Thanks for the fix.swf, my Raptivity SWFs are working fine now. However, now I can’t move from one screen to the next. The progress bar moves and I can hear the audio on the next screen, but the screen stays the same.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance