Wishlist for future Captivate releases

Now that Adobe Captivate 4 is here and how, it would be nice if you folks could tell me the things that were on your wishlist that we missed in this release. I have my own secret list that I plan to pass on to the team soon, and if you could meanwhile send yours, we should have enough to keep Santa Claus busy. Clauses apply.

22 Responses to Wishlist for future Captivate releases

  1. Mike says:

    Mac compatibility

  2. Justin Mass says:

    Please do something about video. Not everyone is set up with a Flash Streaming Server. I can’t believe more people aren’t complaining about this. Video should be at the top of the list.

  3. Ning says:

    Ability to add motion path to objects. Kind of like the timeline based Flash development. It would really benefit presentation and animation aspect of Captivate.

  4. Steve Howard says:

    More advanced Actions – including

    – Arrays
    – Ability to call multiple Actions in response to a single event
    – Faster Editor
    – Ability to simply type actions.
    – More functionality – giving, for eg, the ability to calculate with arrays, animate screen content dynamically etc.
    – Ability to export and import scripts

    Then, away from Actions, how about CSS skinning, like we can do with Flex?

    Cleaner, faster native Form controls – maybe a version of the Flex controls.

    Just for starters 🙂

  5. Rod Ward says:

    I most want to see a really good drag and drop image question type. I’ve been waiting for this since Captivate version 1.
    And then I want:
    – True ActionScripting of Captivate (not CP Scripting).
    – Ability to tween any object so that we can move things around the stage instead of just fading them in and out.
    – Integration with Flash within Captivate that at least matches (or beats) the integration now achieved with (choke…) PowerPoint.
    And about five dozen other things.

  6. preran says:

    Thank you! I have passed on your requests to the product team. Meanwhile, here’s an update on some of the requests.

    Ability to call multiple Actions in response to a single event: Available in CP4

    Faster Editor: CP4 is relatively faster. Have you checked it?

    Ability to simply type actions/More functionality – giving, for eg, the ability to calculate with arrays, animate screen content dynamically etc.: Could be too advanced for Captivate.

    Cleaner, faster native Form controls – maybe a version of the Flex controls: Tried widgets?

    I most want to see a really good drag and drop image question type. I’ve been waiting for this since Captivate version 1: Try widgets

    True ActionScripting of Captivate (not CP Scripting): Use Flash.

    Keep them coming. Reasonable ones have a fair chance of making it I should admit.


  7. Steve Wilhite says:

    1. Aggregator skin that can be resized or minimized by end user.
    2. Exposed scripting and variables for Aggregator skin to enable more control over navigation.
    3. More and better audio loops in the Gallery.
    4. A simplified interface for scripting custom actions.
    5. Rollover states for the borders of rollover areas for rollover captions and images.

    Thanks for listening!

  8. Daniel says:

    I understand the reasons behind making the mouse pick up in the same spot from one slide to the next, but it’s still stupid. I want to be able to reposition the mouse’s start point on any given slide. CHANGE THAT.

  9. Tim Lucas says:

    Some inital thoughts:
    1. CSS/DW or similar style to create more effective, re-useable movies across multiple projects.
    2. A simply one – on Zooms and an option of ‘Time to Zoom Back’ – the reverse of the ‘Time to Zoom’.
    3. MUST DO – give developers the chance to push the interactive scores into a format that can be be read by non-LMS based systems.
    4. I second an update on the Advanced Actions interface.

    more to come…

  10. Paul J says:

    If you click on a graphic there are effects for fade in/fade out etc.

    Its a shame you cant add more effects here. I used to use Authorware and there was a wide range of effects you could add to a graphic.

    There are transitions between slides (Must admit i rarely use those) but would like to add different animations to graphics on the stage apart from the usual fade in / out.

  11. 1. Provide the source fla to the TOC and Aggregators so that we can customize the look and feel. If you can’t do that, at least externalize *every* possible property in it via an xml file so that we can do things like:

    a. Modify colors with more granularity (ie, those ugly gradients used in the TOC).
    b. Disable the slide total time. The toc ini file doesn’t allow this.
    c. ???

    2. As Steve said in a previous comment – the ability to call more than one method at a time in response to a single event. You cannot do this in CP4.

    3. The code/script entry in CP4 is extremely slow. Extremely slow.

    4. A wish that will never come true (but should!) – rewrite the Captivate swf api to allow for actionscript to be used on them instead of those limited ‘variables’.

    5. A simple motion editor for objects. If the export to Flash actually worked this wouldn’t be a too big of a deal but it’s very buggy.

    6. Better integration with Adobe Connect Training. Like the aggregator. I haven’t tested this myself yet but I read on the forums that the tracking does not work when the aggregator is used. That is inexcuseable.

    7. Like other person asked – enable us to change the start position of the mouse pointer on a slide.


  12. I forgot the NUMBER ONE thing that would instantly improve Captivate:


    That alone would be worth an upgrade to me!


  13. hila says:

    WOW! don’t get me started! 🙂

    a few thing poping in my head. i have my own list somewhere that i wanted to write adobe about (found you site by accident).

    very important is while recording to see the number of the frame beeing recorded. this way if i do something a few times, i could write my self the markers. being able to define markers while recording will be better..

    2. would really like to create mouse movment. this way if i don’t want millions of slides in my project i could copy the mouse action and put a set of related actions in one slide..

    3. bigger preview of slide in the sound edit window will be good. also to be able to look at the slide while its open – will be great. cause i want to be able to see the actions on the slides.. (if say i have a swf then picture then Swf – i don’t want to see just the final picture cause sometimes it won’t help recognizing it..

    4/ library – the ability to sort by slide – all objects on slide one and ex..
    also if objects will be named slide 1 – background.. slide 1 – background2 ex’.. would help recognize it. but i do that my self any way.

    also library – is i could group it by slides – will be great.
    (the unused items sort – wonderful! BTW).

    5. the ability to create a swf from a few slides – like what i said about the mouse earlier.. so swf slides without exporting\publishing it..

    i have to go so i’ll continue later.. i’ll save the link and my mail is ontop 🙂

  14. Michael Laudone says:

    I’ve been using Captivate since it was RoboDemo and this version ROX! That said, of course, I want more 🙂

    Better, more flexible scripting. I’m not a programmer and don’t want to be one, but the scripting is limited/ing…can’t do mutliple if then elses. If you can, need MUCH better documentation on how to use the scripting for non-programmers.
    Animation effects like in PowerPoint. We have them for slide transitions (except for fade almost never use) but would for graphics/images. Yes, it is integrated into PowerPoint, so you can create the slide in PPTX and import it and edit it (a GREAT feature), but the edit is dodgy and PPTX doesn’t have the great timeline that CP does.
    Captivate Reviewer work on Mac (AIR is supposed to be x-platform, isn’t it?)
    Go back to the old way of displaying the .swf in the html page. The new scripting doesn’t work x-platform (e.g., mac) and caused me a ton of headaches trying to figure it out.
    Make the Edit in feature in the library work better. I have the eLearning suite but the editing of backgrounds doesn’t work.
    Provide facility for passing variable amongst projects (Preran says there is a javascript way — thanks!) that doesn’t require programming expertise.

  15. Michael Laudone says:

    Another item (can you tell I’m working on a project now?)
    Show the object names in the timeline. 15 “buttons” is not helpful but “Save button” “Help Button” would be.

  16. Michael Laudone says:

    Oh yeah…RULERS and GUIDES! (Sorry, but the grid is just annoying and only works on the background)

  17. preran says:

    Michael: Thank you for your inputs. I have passed them on to the product team. As I said, I am just the messenger here.

  18. Jeni says:

    I’d like to see the ability to assign multiple actions on a rollover…specifically, highlight AND rollover text/image.

  19. MarkB says:

    Definitely make the aggregator skinnable. I have a section with the titles:

    Government intervention in business
    Government and the macroeconomic environment
    Market regulation
    Corporate governance
    Corporate social responsibility

    Only the shortest of these is actually shown in its complete form, the rest are… (!)

    And I don’t want it in grey. My office is grey, my desk is grey. My PC is grey/silver. I’m going grey. Enough of the grey.

  20. Helen Fraser says:

    Hello and thanks for a very helpful blog – and for asking this useful question.
    I have just been looking at Cp4 with great hope that the feature that has made 2 and 3 almost unusable for me will be added – allowing repeat clicks on buttons! It seems so simple – just let a user play the same audio several times by clicking the same button several times — but for some strange reason seems to be impossible (though I’d love to find I have stupidly overlooked the way to do it!).
    Worse still the only workaround I have been able to think of – making an mp3 into its own little swf (with separate mp3 to flash software) doesnt work because Cp always throws the error msg ‘this movie references _root so is not playable by Cp’.
    This seems such a fundamental thing I am amazed there havent been thousands of people calling for it but apparently not. If you can suggest any suggestions I would be eternally grateful as I really like all the other Cp features.
    Cheers and thanks again

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