Reducing the file size of Captivate projects

You can reduce the file size of the project by ensuring the following:

  • Ensure that you have reduced the file size of any graphic in Photoshop before you import it into the project.
  • Do not import heavy video files into the project.
  • If you have multiple instances of the same graphic, audio, or video, reuse them from the library. Do not import them repeatedly.
  • Delete unused items from the library.
  • In the Library panel, right click anywhere, and select Unused Items from the menu. Delete the unused items. Note that your project is unaffected by removing the unused items.
  • Externalize the following using the Publishing Preferences (Edit > Preferences > Project > Publish Settings)
  • Record FMR files using the Smaller SWF Size option (Edit > Preferences > Recording > Full Motion Recording).
  • Optimize the size of the SWF files generated using the Preferences dialog box. (Edit > Preferences > Project > SWF size and quality).

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  1. InTechComm says:

    This article did help me to reduce the .swf size however:

    These pages do not exist:,


    The two pages that do exist we documented in 2006 and 2007. They do not address issues in the newer verisions of the technology.