Fireworks CS5, and the CS4 patch

The good news keeps pouring in. Users are mighty thrilled with Fireworks CS5 and the CS4 patch. The initial misgivings have now given way to a flood of compliments. Twitter is awash with all the good things Fireworks users have to say about the new releases.

The Adobe Fireworks CS4 patch fixes some of the big issues related to text and stability. The update can be downloaded from . The automatic update for the application from Adobe Update Manager (AUM) is coming shortly.

After applying the update, please ensure that the version screen now shows as

Here are the pages that will help you get started with Fireworks CS5.

Go ahead, check out the features! Let me know what you think of them.

2 Responses to Fireworks CS5, and the CS4 patch

  1. Dan says:

    It sucks,
    An internal Error Occurred
    An internal Error Occurred

    and I’ve lost a good days worth of work. Two huge things that Fireworks should have.
    A better memory management system that doesn’t result in crashes anddd
    an autosave function. I should not be expected to turn off my program every hour to prevent it from crashing. No other software in the history of my life has.

    • Dan says:

      I’m using CS5 on a 64 bit computer by the way. From the looks of it the 64 bit computer type is the place where this error is occurring the most frequently.