Adobe Community Help Client – Advantages

How does CHC ensure that I always have the latest help content?
If you are online, CHC displays the online help content for the product, by default.
Whenever there is an update to the help content, a message appears when you are online asking you to download the latest help content. Adobe updates help content whenever there are significant updates that have to be communicated to users. There is no specified period for these updates. They are carried out on a need-basis.

How does CHC provide the best possible search experience?

  • Search provides you with results from both the local help system, and from other related sources on the internet. You must be online if you want links from other sources to be displayed.
  • You have the option to choose within the local help content only.
  • Filter results. For more information on the filtering options, see Mallika’s article at


How does CHC provide a seamless online-offline experience?

  • When you are online, CHC displays help content that is online.
  • When you are offline, CHC displays the local help content. If you have updated the help content, there is no difference in the information between the online and offline content.

What are the advantages of CHC search over Google search?
CHC searches from a list of links that are more selective. When you use CHC search, commercial sites are usually filtered, and only links that contain actual content, mostly free are displayed.

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