Adobe Community Help Client (CHC) – What is it?

What is Community Help Client, and how do I access it?
The community help client is a help system introduced with Adobe Creative Suite 5. The help system can be launched from the application using the Help menu, or by pressing F1.

What are the advantages of CHC over the conventional help systems?
The community help client aims to provide the best possible user experience to users searching for information on Adobe’s products.

The CHC aims to provide the following benefits to the user:

  • Latest content
  • Best search experience possible
  • Seamless online-offline experience
  • Download help for Adobe’s products that are not installed on the user’s computer
  • Help for multiple products in the same help system
  • Search results that contain links to sources other than the local help system
  • Allow users to contribute to, comment, and provide feedback on help content

Why is it called the community help client?
The term community implies a network of people that are actively involved with Adobe’s products. In accordance with Adobe’s initiative towards increasing user participation, the CHC helps provide a platform to Adobe’s users to share their experience, and contribute to help content. It also provides Adobe with the opportunity to hear feedback and improve help content based on user experience.
Users can use the commenting and rating features in the CHC to provide their feedback.

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