Customizing options in Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

Can I customize options in the community help client?
Yes, you can customize some of the options in the CHC. Select Edit > Preferences. In the Edit Preferences dialog, customize CHC according to your requirements.


Theme: You can choose the color of gray for the community help client. Choosing Dark will provide a darker skin to the client.
Accessibility mode: When you choose “Open Help In Browser”, the help launches in the web browser, and not in the CHC.
Display local help content only: All options to view online help are disabled. Ensure that you have downloaded help content at least once before you choose this option.


Select the products whose help content you want to download to your desktop.


Select “Manually Update My Locally Stored Help Content” if you do not want to be reminded when there is an update to the help content.


Use these options to download help content that is currently downloaded to your desktop.

One Response to Customizing options in Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

  1. font9a says:

    Has Adobe gone insane? These CHC files are stored in the /Users/username/Library/Preferences directory! There are over 120000 files in there. **PER USER** !!! Good Christ, that’s a huge septic cancer in my file system… Did OO even come up in discussion when this thing was designed?