Downloading Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

How do I download the community help client?
Currently, the community help client is available for a few of Adobe’s products. All products in Creative Suite 5 were shipped with the CHC.
If you have installed an Adobe product that supports CHC, you will be asked to download the help system when you press F1, or choose the option from the Help menu. Ensure that you are connected to the internet before accept the invitation to download help content. For the help system to work, you must be online the first time you download the content.
If you do not have an Adobe product that supports CHC installed on your computer, you can download CHC from Select a product from the list, and then install the client in two simple steps. You can choose to download help for other products after you have installed the CHC.

What happens when I download the help content?
When you download the help content, a copy of the help files is downloaded to your computer.

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