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Video Tutorial : Using the writing aids in Adobe Story

Adobe Story provides you with a number of options to help you create scripts faster, and according to industry recognized standards. This tutorial walks you through the options.

Using the writing aids in Adobe Story to create scripts

Supported devices | Adobe Premiere Elements 9

The following article contains the list of devices supported in Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Devices include Processors, Sound Cards, GPU cards, Camcorders, Webcams, Cameras, Export playback devices, Burners, and Adobe Photo Downloader.

Video Tutorial : The Adobe Story workspace

The tutorial walks you through the three views (Home, Projects, Authoring) in Adobe Story.

The Adobe Story workspace

Migrating photos from Photoshop Album to

Having problems locating photos you imported into Photoshop Album? Want to migrate your photos in Photoshop Album to The following article has the answers.

Excerpt from the article:

“If you exceed the number of attempts to open Adobe Photoshop Album before registering it, your application gets locked. However, your photos are safe at the location where you imported them. You can migrate them to Adobe’s free photo sharing website,, retaining information such as captions, tags, and so on that you added to your photos.”

Video Tutorial : Creating a script in Adobe Story

Learn how to write scripts using Adobe Story.  This getting started tutorial provides you with the basic information that you need to get started with Adobe Story. Click the link below for the tutorial.

Creating Scripts in Adobe Story