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Descriptions of features in Adobe Captivate 4

Now that the hint hint wink wink days are gone, I can go ahead and reveal the stuff that these features are made of. Note though that these links might not go to the correct pages if we update the help at a later point in time. For the next month or so at least, I don’t see it happening.

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Contacting the Adobe Captivate 4 product team directly

The Adobe Captivate product team has its own blog You can shoot all your technical queries to posts in this blog site. For anything related to documentation, you can post comments on my blog.

Tridib has already posted a blog on the elearning suite, and I am sure you will find the material very useful.

Reviewing Adobe Captivate Projects

One of the flagship features of Adobe Captivate 4 is the ability to comment on SWF files. The workflow is described in the following image.

View an image of the Adobe Captivate Review workflow

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Adobe Captivate 4 – The future of elearning is here!

Bring out the bugles, trumpets, trombones, the drums, and the congas! Adobe Captivate 4 is here, and how! The latest avatar of Captivate 4, the grandest yet, comes with a set of useful features that you been asking for, and more! With this version, Adobe Captivate breaks free, and comes into its own. It is now a complete elearning tool by itself, relying minimally on third-party software for support.

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Inviting moderators for Captivate 4 Help

If you are a passionate user of Captivate, and would like to help all those who need help with the software, this is your chance. We are inviting moderators who can work with comments posted on our help pages. We will provide you with all the ammo that you need for this task, including the required training. Plus, there are folks from the product team, me included, who are already registered as moderators.

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Adobe Captivate 4 — Final Countdown Part II

Now that we are done with the big ones, allow me to tell you about the rest. And don’t blame me if you think some of them must have made it earlier. Remember, this is my blog, and these are my choices. And this is the only place in the whole world where I get to have my way. Oh! Who am I kidding?!

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Adobe Captivate 4- The final countdown

This is the almost official talk on Adobe Captivate 4. For the past few months, I have been busy documenting the new features for this release, re-hauling the previous content, and generally trying to assuage all those people who have been wanting better content in the Help. When the product is out, I am hoping that most of those complaints about content will be addressed. If not, you can always tell me areas that need improvement. And with our new help system, you will not have to wait for the next release to see your comments addressed. The actual time might vary depending on the severity of the complaint, but I am hoping that I will get the corrections updated in a month’s time at the latest.

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