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Adobe Help Application: Access Denied Error Message

When opening the Adobe Communtiy Help application in CS5.5, the following error message appears:


This error is a result of a malformed property in the help configuration file. The file was mistakenly published with a staging URL ( instead of the production URL (

For information on troubleshooting this problem, see the article:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0.3 update

The update released today helps overcome the following issues:

  • Photoshop Elements Organizer does not work as intended on Wacom tablets
  • The brush tool in Photoshop Elements Editor does not work as intended on Wacom tablets
  • The open documents in tabbed view cannot be clicked using Wacom stylus

Click Help > Updates in Photoshop Elements. In Adobe Applications manager, look for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0.3 update under Photoshop Elements 9.0.

For more information, see

Quick Tweets, Big Prize!

An opportunity for you to win the full license copy of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2.5!

 Here’s how: 

  1. Log on to your Twitter account (if you don’t have one, create one in a jiffy, and it’s free).
  2. Send prize-worthy tweets with hashtags #tcscontest #stcindia 
  • Best practices for FrameMaker 9, RoboHelp 8, and TCS 2.x
  • Top reasons to buy or upgrade to FrameMaker 9, RoboHelp 8, and TCS 2.x

The contest closes at 4 PM on Friday, November 12. Keep tweeting till then. 

What/who is prize-worthy: 

  • The best tweet – Decided by judges at Adobe
  • Most popular tweet – The most retweeted best practice or buy/upgrade reason
  • Most prolific tweeter – The person with the maximum number of valid tweets 

The results will be announced at the STC-India conference in New Delhi on 13 Nov, and the prizes will be awarded to the winner(s) by Naresh Gupta, MD, Adobe India.

For any clarifications, write to

Customizing options in Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

Can I customize options in the community help client?
Yes, you can customize some of the options in the CHC. Select Edit > Preferences. In the Edit Preferences dialog, customize CHC according to your requirements.


Theme: You can choose the color of gray for the community help client. Choosing Dark will provide a darker skin to the client.
Accessibility mode: When you choose “Open Help In Browser”, the help launches in the web browser, and not in the CHC.
Display local help content only: All options to view online help are disabled. Ensure that you have downloaded help content at least once before you choose this option.


Select the products whose help content you want to download to your desktop.


Select “Manually Update My Locally Stored Help Content” if you do not want to be reminded when there is an update to the help content.


Use these options to download help content that is currently downloaded to your desktop.

Provide feedback on Adobe Help using CHC

How do I provide feedback on help content?
You must have a registered Adobe ID to provide feedback on Adobe help content. The registration is free and takes less than five minutes. To create an Adobe ID, use the following link Also, you must be online when you are providing feedback.
Previously, you had to navigate to a web page to provide user feedback. Now, you can provide feedback using the CHC.


How long do I have to wait before Adobe gets back to me on my comment/feedback?
Moderators of help systems continuously monitor web sites for user feedback. All comments are given due attention, and are handled based on their priority. Moderators are experts from Adobe’s community of users who help other users with using the product.

How do I get rewarded for contributing to content?
All comments are rated based on their value add. When users notch up sufficient points, Adobe rewards such users. Also, star contributors are provided with a special mention on the support page for that product.

Adobe Community Help Client – Advantages

How does CHC ensure that I always have the latest help content?
If you are online, CHC displays the online help content for the product, by default.
Whenever there is an update to the help content, a message appears when you are online asking you to download the latest help content. Adobe updates help content whenever there are significant updates that have to be communicated to users. There is no specified period for these updates. They are carried out on a need-basis.

How does CHC provide the best possible search experience?

  • Search provides you with results from both the local help system, and from other related sources on the internet. You must be online if you want links from other sources to be displayed.
  • You have the option to choose within the local help content only.
  • Filter results. For more information on the filtering options, see Mallika’s article at


How does CHC provide a seamless online-offline experience?

  • When you are online, CHC displays help content that is online.
  • When you are offline, CHC displays the local help content. If you have updated the help content, there is no difference in the information between the online and offline content.

What are the advantages of CHC search over Google search?
CHC searches from a list of links that are more selective. When you use CHC search, commercial sites are usually filtered, and only links that contain actual content, mostly free are displayed.

Downloading Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

How do I download the community help client?
Currently, the community help client is available for a few of Adobe’s products. All products in Creative Suite 5 were shipped with the CHC.
If you have installed an Adobe product that supports CHC, you will be asked to download the help system when you press F1, or choose the option from the Help menu. Ensure that you are connected to the internet before accept the invitation to download help content. For the help system to work, you must be online the first time you download the content.
If you do not have an Adobe product that supports CHC installed on your computer, you can download CHC from Select a product from the list, and then install the client in two simple steps. You can choose to download help for other products after you have installed the CHC.

What happens when I download the help content?
When you download the help content, a copy of the help files is downloaded to your computer.

Adobe Community Help Client (CHC) – What is it?

What is Community Help Client, and how do I access it?
The community help client is a help system introduced with Adobe Creative Suite 5. The help system can be launched from the application using the Help menu, or by pressing F1.

What are the advantages of CHC over the conventional help systems?
The community help client aims to provide the best possible user experience to users searching for information on Adobe’s products.

The CHC aims to provide the following benefits to the user:

  • Latest content
  • Best search experience possible
  • Seamless online-offline experience
  • Download help for Adobe’s products that are not installed on the user’s computer
  • Help for multiple products in the same help system
  • Search results that contain links to sources other than the local help system
  • Allow users to contribute to, comment, and provide feedback on help content

Why is it called the community help client?
The term community implies a network of people that are actively involved with Adobe’s products. In accordance with Adobe’s initiative towards increasing user participation, the CHC helps provide a platform to Adobe’s users to share their experience, and contribute to help content. It also provides Adobe with the opportunity to hear feedback and improve help content based on user experience.
Users can use the commenting and rating features in the CHC to provide their feedback.

The CS5 release fever – Pre order CS5

We cannot wait to tell you more about the release. For all of you waiting to be a part of the action, there’s plenty to munch on at Kevin’s blog.

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