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Dreamweaver’s integration with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap

Dreamweaver’s integration with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap helps you create and package web applications for deployment on Android™ and iOS-based devices.

To create a mobile application for Android or iPhone™ mobile stores, do the following:

  • You can use any of the starter pages to create your Web application. However, if your web application, when deployed as a mobile application, accesses features native to mobile devices, use the jQuery Mobile (PhoneGap) page.The jQuery Mobile (PhoneGap) starter page contains the phonegap.js file in addition to the other jQuery Mobile files. The phonegap.js file contains the APIs required to work with the native mobile features such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, and so on.
  • Create a package of the application. Dreamweaver uses PhoneGap SDKs to create the package (.apk file for Android/.xcodeproj for iPhone/iPad).
  • Use the APK or XCODEPROJ file to deploy your web application to multiple platforms.

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Using Dreamweaver with jQuery Mobile to create web applications

Dreamweaver’s integration with jQuery Mobile helps you quickly design a web application that works on most mobile devices while adapting itself to the dimensions of the device.

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What’s new in Dreamweaver CS5.5

Dreamweaver CS5.5 provides a bouquet of features that help make it very simple for you to transition your current site to mobile platforms and devices.  Increased support for CSS3, FTPS support for better security, and W3C validation support are the other wonderful features that make Dreamweaver CS5.5  a must buy.

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Not just another Story

The help for Adobe Story (Beta) is now live!

For those who find it hard to figure why the world needs another screenplay writing software, here’s the answer. Adobe Story’s script to screen workflow ensures smooth transfer of metadata from your scripts to your movie clips to your DVDs. The metadata helps you reduce production time, increase efficiency, create engaging experiences, and cut costs. How wonderful is that!

For an in-depth understanding of how Story works, check out the following videos:

Accelerated Editing with Enhanced Speech Analysis in Premiere Pro CS5.

From Script to On Set Production with Adobe Story

For the next few months, you can use Adobe Story for free! I encourage every wordsmith to give it a shot. The best things in life sometimes do come for free.

A version 1.0 product is never easy, but it is remarkable what a small dedicated team can pull off when they put their heart, body, and soul into it. It is not every day that a writer gets to witness the birth of a product, pangs and all, and I consider myself very fortunate in this regard.

What a learning experience it has been! Starting with learning how to create a screenplay, to understanding the nuts and bolts of the software, to giving allowance to the software’s initial idiosyncracies, it has been one wonderful trip!

Hop on to the bandwagon people! You are not going to regret this ride.