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FTPS support in Dreamweaver CS5.5

FTPS (FTP over SSL) provides both encryption and authentication support as compared to SFTP that offers only encryption support.

When using FTPS for data transfer, you can choose to encrypt your credentials, and also the data being transmitted to the server. In addition, you can choose to authenticate the server’s credentials and connections. The credentials of a server are validated against the current set of trusted CA server certificates in the Dreamweaver database. Certificate Authorities (CAs), which include companies like VeriSign, Thawte, and so on, issue digitally signed server certificates.

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Applying border image to objects in Dreamweaver CS5.5

Using the border-image property in CSS, you can use a single image to generate a border for a box object.

Out of the five properties specified by the W3C for border-image, Dreamweaver supports the following three:

  • Image Source : Location of the image.
  • Image slice:  Treating the image as sliced into 9 sections.
  • Repeat-x and Repeat-y: 
    • Repeat – Repeats/tiles the image across the edge
    • Stretch – Stretches the image across the edge
    • Round – Tiles the image so that only a whole number of images fit. If a whole number cannot be accommodated, the image is stretched

The border-image property has the following format (webkit – supported by Dreamweaver Live View):

-webkit-border-image: url[border image-source] [border image –slice] [border image-repeat]

Example: -webkit-border-image: url(border-image.png) 50 50 50 50 repeat round;

Note that the pixels are specified without px being suffixed. For percentage, you must add the suffix “%” to the values.

The border-image property has the following format (Mozilla support):

-moz-border-image: url[border image-source] [border image –slice] [border image-repeat]

Example: -moz-border-image: url(border-image.png) 50 50 50 50 repeat round;

  1. In the CSS Styles panel, click Add Property.
  2. Select border-image from the menu.
  3. Click the “+” icon.
  4. Specify the source of the image.
  5. Specify the image slice values.
  6. Specify how the image has to be added to the edges using the Repeat-x and Repeat-y values.

Enhanced support for CSS3 in Dreamweaver CS 5.5

Dreamweaver CS 5.5 provides a more intuitive interface to enter information for the following commonly used CSS3 properties.

A new “+” button has been introduced for the above properties.  When you click the button, a dialog appears using which you can enter values for various parameters of the property.

Dreamweaver also supports browser (webkit, mozilla) specific implementation of box-shadow, border-radius, and border-image properties.

Note: Changes made to CSS properties are not displayed in the design view. Switch to Live view to preview changes after you edit properties in the code view or in the CSS panel.