May 9, 2013

Adobe Presenter Video Express for Mac – Now Available on the Apple Mac App Store

PVX LogoWith Adobe Presenter 8, we added a new video recording feature known as the Adobe Presenter Video Creator. It is a big hit with the training folks and allows you to create video-based lectures and demonstrations with ease! But, as Adobe Presenter is only available on Windows platform, the Mac users were not able to benefit from this.

So here’s Adobe Presenter Video Express, an exclusive app for Mac users that they can download from the Mac App Store and create stunning, studio-quality videos with ease. It allows you to minimize the time, effort, and cost of producing and editing videos by doing it yourself without specialized equipment or training. You can simultaneously capture video feeds of yourself and your screen, and easily mix and edit them to create experiences as impactful as real life.


Top features of Adobe Presenter Video Express:

  • Stunning videos made from your desktop: Create studio-quality videos that include you and your content. Sway audiences with videos that capture your emotions and personality.
  • Simplified video editing: Transform your presentations, product demos, and other screen content into an impressive video in just a few clicks. Thanks to an intuitive and simple four-button editing interface that lets you easily mix your screen content and webcam video.Adobe Presenter Video Express 01
  • Smart video production: Let Adobe industry-standard audio and video filters automatically enhance color, lightning, and audio elements to improve the production quality of your videos.
  • Personalized videos: Jazz up your video by selecting a theme from a wide range of introductory and concluding clips. Easily describe your videos with titles, introduce yourself using the Lower Thirds option, and add custom videos and logos to meet the branding guidelines of your organization.Adobe Presenter Video Express 02
  • Accessibility support: Create 508 compliant projects for Defense, Government and Education organization. The app automatically adds captions to your recorded audio and synchronizes them with the narration. The simple interface enables you to override or edit any automatically generated text.
  • Cloud publishing: The app uses cloud processing, freeing you and your machine to do other activities, while it works in the background to generate high quality video output and publishes it to your YouTube and/or Dropbox account.Adobe Presenter Video Express 05-1

Click the Download button to get the app and start recording videos right from your desktop!





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