November 26, 2013

Getting Started with Adobe Presenter: Adding Videos

Guest post by Kevin Siegel, Founder and President, IconLogic, Inc.

Slide Video

Adobe Presenter supports several types of video formats including Windows media files (afs, wmv, mpg), Quick Time files (mp4, dv, dvi, mov, and 3g) and Flash Video (flv). If your computer setup includes a video camera, you can also record your own video. When adding videos to a presentation, you can elect to import the video directly to a slide, or have the video appear on the Sidebar. You’ll learn both techniques during this post.

To add video to a slide, visit the Adobe Presenter tab, Insert group, and click the Video tool.1_Insert Video

The Adobe Presenter – Import Video dialog box opens.

Locate a video on your computer. Select the video file, but don’t open just yet  (there are a few import options you’ll need to deal with first). 2_Import Video

At the bottom right of the dialog box, click the Import On drop-down menu and select a slide within your Presentation. From the As area, select Slide Video.3_Slide Video

At the very bottom of the dialog box, you can select the Preview check box to see a preview of the video plays within the preview window. In the image below, I’ve added a green screen video for my slide.4_Preview

Once you click the Open button, the video will be inserted in the middle of the slide. At this point, you can reposition the video on the slide like any other slide object.5_Slide

To see the video in action, visit the Adobe Presenter tab, Presentation group, click the Preview drop-down menu and choose Preview Next 5 Slides.

Sidebar Video

You can import a video and have it appear in a Sidebar (a navigation area you can include on either side of your Presenter eLearning lesson). Sidebar videos are perfect for adding video guides/presenters or avatars to your eLearning lesson.

To add video to the Sidebar, go to the Adobe Presenter tab, Insert group, and click the Video tool (just like you did when you inserted Slide video).

Select a video, but don’t open it just yet.  At the bottom right of the dialog box, click the Import On drop-down menu and select a slide. From the As area, select Sidebar video and then click the Open button.6_Sidebar Video

To see the Sidebar video while Previewing, you’ll need to enable the Sidebar. To do that, visit the Adobe Presenter tab, Theme group, and click the Theme tool.

The Theme Editor opens. This dialog box allows you to enable a Sidebar, display the Presenter’s information, enable Panes, and more.

From the Customize area at the left, select Show Sidebar.

From the Location drop-down menu, select a side (I’ve selected Left in the image below).7_Show Sidebar

Click the OK button and then Preview a few slides. You’ll see both the Sidebar and the Sidebar video (as shown in the image below).8_Edit Slide Video

Next time: Editing slide videos


Kevin Siegel is the founder and president of IconLogic. Following a career in Public Affairs with the US Coast Guard and private industry, Kevin has spent more than two decades as a trainer and has written hundreds of computer training books for adult learners including international best sellers on Adobe Captivate and Adobe RoboHelp. He has been recognized by Adobe as one of the top trainers world-wide. Kevin is currently hard at work on his latest book: “Adobe Presenter 9: The Essentials.”


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  • By Jérôme Bourgoin - 7:09 AM on November 27, 2013  

    How to record a video with my webcam to put as a sidebar video for one slide ? In Presenter 7 we could do that easily. Now with the new video editer we can make great videos and capture the screen. But that’s not whatI need…

    How to do a simple sidebar video without capturing the screen…