Project Primetime to Enable a Single Video Publishing Workflow, Starting with Adobe Access for iOS and MPEG-Dash Support

As part of the quickly evolv­ing device land­scape, a uni­fied video pub­lish­ing work­flow is more impor­tant than ever. Indi­vid­ual work­flows for speci­fic devices or plat­forms are not a long-term approach. It’s like hav­ing to build a dif­fer­ent car, depend­ing on the city you want to travel to. It’s expen­sive and dis­tracts from the impor­tant part of your video appli­ca­tion, the user expe­ri­ence.

As part of Project Prime­time, we are con­tin­u­ing to invest in our own tech­nol­ogy and indus­try stan­dards that enable our video cus­tomers to have a sin­gle work­flow that enables them to reach any web-enabled devices.

What does this mean for you? Instead of hav­ing to worry about using dif­fer­ent con­tent pro­tec­tion, video deliv­ery or video pub­lish­ing work­flows, Project Prime­time will provide a holis­tic solu­tion, which will make your video strat­egy uniquely easy to deploy, pro­tect and mon­e­tize.

We’re mak­ing two announce­ments today that will bring the indus­try towards a sin­gle video pub­lish­ing work­flow:

Adobe Access for native iOS appli­ca­tions

Adobe Access, our robust Dig­i­tal Rights Man­age­ment tech­nol­ogy, will sup­port native iOS appli­ca­tions.  With Adobe Access’ exist­ing sup­port for desk­top (99% reach via Flash Player), Android (via AIR 3.0) and Smart TVs (via AIR for TV 2.5), video pub­lish­ers can now reach a huge dig­i­tal audi­ence with a sin­gle con­tent pro­tec­tion solu­tion.

Here’s how it works: Adobe pro­vides an Adobe Access DRM library that can be inte­grated into your native iOS appli­ca­tion.  You build your expe­ri­ence using the Apple SDK, add the Adobe Access library as a com­po­nent, and deliver through the Apple App Store. The Adobe Access DRM library pro­vides all the nec­es­sary robust­ness. The video con­tent is streamed using Apple’s HLS (HTTP Live Stream­ing) pro­to­col, and Adobe Access pro­vides the con­tent pro­tec­tion required by stu­dios.

MPEG-DASH sup­port

We are announc­ing that our stream­ing tech­nolo­gies will sup­port the emerg­ing stan­dard MPEG-DASH. It will provide the reach and flex­i­bil­ity required for a uni­fied video work­flow. It will not replace, but provide addi­tional reach to exist­ing Adobe stream­ing pro­to­cols. You can read more about our announce­ment here.

We are very excited about these announce­ments, which are first steps to provide a uni­fied video pub­lish­ing work­flow that will offer the best reach, pro­tec­tion and mon­e­ti­za­tion for video con­tent.

Jens Loeffler

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Jens Loeffler is a senior technical evangelist on Adobe's Media Solutions product management team focusing on online video and services. Equipped with a media computer science degree, Jens started his career in the agency world and has been living and breathing online video and mobile for the last decade. Currently Jens provides thought leadership as a public speaker and panelist at numerous industry events, and maintains a well-recognized blog covering industry trends. When he isn't working on secret projects at Adobe, Jens compensates with long runs, hikes and walks with his furry companion, and is an excellent guide to judge the authenticity of German cuisine in NYC.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Just stum­bled upon this post so I don’t know much about Project Primetime...but about the iOS sup­port for Flash Access, any time table on that?

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