Adobe Access – A Single DRM Workflow

We recently announced the upcom­ing avail­abil­ity of Adobe Access (for­merly Flash Access) DRM pro­tec­tion for native iOS appli­ca­tions. So what does this mean for your work­flow?

You can now finally reach a broad range of des­ti­na­tion devices with a sin­gle, sim­ple work­flow, includ­ing Win­dows, OSX, iPad, iPhones, iPods, hun­dreds of Android smart­phones and tablets (Android 2.2+), and tele­vi­sions, includ­ing Sam­sung Smart TVs, TIVO and LG devices, and soon many more as part of project Prime­time.


It not only saves you costs, but also pro­vides a sim­ple, robust DRM work­flow, with a sin­gle con­tent pro­tec­tion scheme.

Not con­vinced how this will work? Here are the steps.

1)   Real-Time pack­ag­ing and pro­tec­tion of H.264 source files with Adobe Media Server

2)   HTTP deliv­ery to tar­get plat­forms (HLS to iOS, HDS to other devices)

3)   License acqui­si­tion from a sin­gle Adobe Access server, no mat­ter what the play­back plat­form is

As part of Project Prime­time, Adobe is focused on solv­ing the frag­men­ta­tion chal­lenges video dis­trib­u­tors are con­fronted with in 2012. This is the first step to provide a secure end-to-end video deliv­ery work­flow

Jens Loeffler

About Jens Loeffler

Jens Loeffler is a senior technical evangelist on Adobe's Media Solutions product management team focusing on online video and services. Equipped with a media computer science degree, Jens started his career in the agency world and has been living and breathing online video and mobile for the last decade. Currently Jens provides thought leadership as a public speaker and panelist at numerous industry events, and maintains a well-recognized blog covering industry trends. When he isn't working on secret projects at Adobe, Jens compensates with long runs, hikes and walks with his furry companion, and is an excellent guide to judge the authenticity of German cuisine in NYC.

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9 Responses to Adobe Access – A Single DRM Workflow

  1. Vik says:

    How much does this adobe access cost? some­times i have prob­lems using adobe flash on my android phone. Why is that?

  2. Door Knobs says:

    Apart from the price query asked ear­lier by vik, I would like to ask if there are any other issues of updat­ing the soft­ware Iike with the flash player all the time, I hope this doesn’t have any of the issues that we already expe­ri­ence!

  3. Where can we see sam­ple code or sdk on this ? Can’t find exam­ple of Adobe Air iOS app with Flash Access DRM.

  4. Nick says:

    Hey Jens, is there some­where I can get low-level info on how this is imple­mented?
    Like the doco on HDS DRM is very good, detail­ing License acqui­si­tion process, how CEK is encrypted at each step etc. I’d like the same for this.

    If streams using HLS cor­rect, so you can pub­lish iTunes store & stream long-form con­tent and still com­ply with Apple’s require­ments?

    Finally — is there a need for client devices to install AIR Run­time in order to use an app using this fea­ture?

    • Jens Loeffler says:

      HLS DRM is doc­u­mented in the Adobe Access and Adobe Media Server live­docs, it’s sim­i­lar to the HDS work­flow. It is not meant to be used within iTunes, but for play­back in browsers and mobile appli­ca­tions. The com­po­nents are avail­able via Adobe Prime­time.

  5. Jack says:

    Hi Jens,
    Would you please con­firm one thing: Adobe Access works on Sam­sung Smart TV?

    So far, I tried to make it work on Sam­sung Smart TV and got no luck at all even though I man­aged to make the app work for both Desk­top and Android.

    Thank you

    • Jens Loeffler says:

      It should be avail­able through AIR and FP, but it might depend on the ver­sion of the TV you are using. Feel free to con­tact us directly through the Prime­time web­site for infor­ma­tion on sup­port for native apps.

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