Flash Media Server 4.5.2 Released with Robust HTTP Streaming Failover

Ver­sion 4.5.2 of Flash Media Server is now avail­able. Besides numer­ous bug fixes, it includes a major improve­ment – robust HDS/HLS failover for ori­gins.

packagecluster_wide31It’s not sim­ply a “good-to-have”, but a “must-have” fea­ture for reli­able HTTP stream­ing deploy­ments. The key issues it addresses are live­ness and dropout sit­u­a­tions.

Live­ness is a server-side sit­u­a­tion in which a pack­ager adver­tises a stale boot­strap (that is, a stale view of a live stream).

Dropout is a server-side sit­u­a­tion in which a pack­ager has gaps in its boot­strap (that is, gaps in its frag­ment list).

Flash Media Server 4.5.2 intro­duces the fol­low­ing new fea­tures to address this:

FMS4.0-mnemonic1Best-effort fetch

Best-effort fetch enables the OSMF and iOS video play­ers to con­tinue play­back as nor­mally as pos­si­ble in the pres­ence of short-term live­ness and dropout prob­lems on the server-side.

The OSMF 2.0 player adds client-side robust­ness by sup­port­ing best-effort fetch. Specif­i­cally, when best-effort fetch is enabled on the server, OSMF 2.0 attempts fetches for frag­ments that have not been adver­tised in the boot­strap, but are expected to be present.

For iOS Video play­ers, FMS 4.5.2 enables best-effort fetch for HLS as well.

Con­trol plane appli­ca­tion

To imple­ment HTTP Stream­ing failover, it’s now pos­si­ble to write a client appli­ca­tion that man­ages the state of events and streams by using a set of REST-based con­trol plane APIs. Con­trol plane is a router term and in effect, that is what your client appli­ca­tion does through these APIs.

You can find more detailed infor­ma­tion in the FMS failover doc­u­men­ta­tion.

HTTP failover is an absolutely crit­i­cal improve­ment for more reli­able work­flows, there­fore Flash Media Server 4.5.2 is an excit­ing new release for every­one with HTTP stream­ing deploy­ments.

Down­load the Flash Media Server 4.5.2 upgrade.

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