What is Adobe Project Primetime? with David DeVisser

Please join AMSUG’s guest speaker, David DeVis­ser, as he teaches us about the com­po­nents, prod­ucts, and ser­vices behind Adobe’s Project Prime­time. DeVis­ser will decon­struct cus­tomer inte­gra­tions, such as, the BBC’s Olympic 2012 cov­er­age. Come dis­cover how Adobe Media Server 5 enables Project Primetime’s broad­cast work­flow and deliv­ers to desk­tops, devices, and dig­i­tal home.

Our speaker will also cover Media Server and Access pro­duct nam­ing updates, and what they mean for Adobe’s strat­egy. DeVis­ser will com­pare Adobe Media Server’s built-in con­tent pro­tec­tion ver­sus Adobe Access. In clos­ing, this ses­sion will explain Adobe’s lat­est run­time strat­egy related device sup­port and the plans for the con­tin­ued suc­cess of dig­i­tal media deliv­ery. David will answer mem­ber ques­tions dur­ing the live Q&A ses­sion – this meet­ing is not to be missed!

Title: What is Adobe Project Prime­time? with David DeVis­ser

Date and Time: Octo­ber 16, 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (GMT-7 Moun­tain Time US & Canada)

Call-in Details: Please join meet­ing via Adobe Con­nect link here


David DeVis­ser,Prin­ci­pal Archi­tect, Adobe Dig­i­tal Media Alliances

David DeVis­ser has been with Adobe since 1998. DeVis­ser remem­bers the event that marked the next phase of dig­i­tal video deliv­ery – the day John Gay came into the office and announced his lat­est inven­tion, Flash Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Server. Dig­i­tal video deliv­ery has come a long way since then, and our speaker has been there every step of the way! Cur­rently, David’s focus is on sys­tems archi­tec­ture for Adobe’s major media part­ners. He is respon­si­ble for ensur­ing the suc­cess of appli­ca­tions and web­sites pro­duced by the large com­pa­nies that are dri­ven with Adobe’s tech­nol­ogy. DeVis­ser enjoys the chal­lange of man­ag­ing each of his project’s unique needs with his exper­tise in the areas of: encod­ing, pack­ag­ing, dis­tri­b­u­tion, pro­tec­tion, enti­tle­ment, con­tent man­age­ment, and expe­ri­ence design. Please join in on Octo­ber 16th for some great insignt from indus­try spe­cial­ist, David DeVis­ser!

If you want to do some prepa­ra­tion work before the ses­sion, read more about Prime­time on Adobe.com.

Jens Loeffler

About Jens Loeffler

Jens Loeffler is a senior technical evangelist on Adobe's Media Solutions product management team focusing on online video and services. Equipped with a media computer science degree, Jens started his career in the agency world and has been living and breathing online video and mobile for the last decade. Currently Jens provides thought leadership as a public speaker and panelist at numerous industry events, and maintains a well-recognized blog covering industry trends. When he isn't working on secret projects at Adobe, Jens compensates with long runs, hikes and walks with his furry companion, and is an excellent guide to judge the authenticity of German cuisine in NYC.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Great read and pretty infor­ma­tive.

  2. Homes says:

    Agreed. Look­ing for­ward to post-con­fer­ence details.

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