Auditude Takes Home Award and Celebrates Anniversary With New Update

awardIt’s been a busy week here for the Project Prime­time team. In the midst of cel­e­brat­ing the anniver­sary of Audi­tude join­ing Adobe, our indus­try-lead­ing ad server was awarded the Stream­ing Media Reader’s Choice Award for Video Adver­tis­ing Man­age­ment Plat­form.  We joined some pretty solid com­pany with Adobe Media Server, Adobe Pre­miere Pro and Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst also pick­ing up awards, all pre­sented at Stream­ing Media West in Los Ange­les.

Adobe Audi­tude and Adobe Media Server are pil­lars of Project Prime­time, and these awards were deliv­ered at a time of accel­er­at­ing inno­va­tion from the team. Audi­tude just released an update — the high­lights from that release are numer­ous, but three impor­tant fea­tures that are res­onat­ing with cus­tomers include:

Advanced fore­cast­ing. One of our most-requested enhance­ments, sea­son­al­ity and con­sump­tion trends can now be pro­jected with our advanced fore­cast­ing algo­rithm. Every pub­lisher has con­tent that is either increas­ing or decreas­ing in pop­u­lar­ity, and these trends can vary based on the pro­gram, dura­tion, genre, geo, etc. Sim­i­larly, ad ops can fore­cast spikes and drops in cer­tain types of con­tent expe­ri­ence based on day of week, month, or sea­son. For exam­ple, some net­work shows trail off in view­er­ship dur­ing the sum­mer. Exist­ing, 28-day based algo­rithms would fail to pre­dict this drop, putting inven­tory man­agers at risk for miss­ing cam­paign goals due to lack of inven­tory. Audi­tude makes sure this never hap­pens by detect­ing these trends and apply­ing them to its fore­casts.

* Smart Groups. Pub­lish­ers can sur­face poten­tial prob­lem ads before they cause issues. Smart Groups allow ad traf­fick­ers to access – with just one click – all the ads that fit dif­fer­ent, cus­tomiz­able sets of cri­te­ria. For exam­ple, a Smart Group can iden­tify ads begin­ning in three days that are miss­ing cre­ative, giv­ing an ad traf­ficker suf­fi­cient time to cor­rect the prob­lem.

* Real-time Avail­abil­ity.  Ad ops can run an avail­abil­ity check on any inven­tory seg­ment within a few sec­onds,  so they can respond with­out delay to max­i­mize rev­enue poten­tial. Now, inven­tory man­agers can instantly approve pro­pos­als, allow­ing their ad sales teams to be more nim­ble and respon­sive to adver­tis­ers.

Fea­ture-rich as well, Adobe Media Server released ver­sion 5 at IBC to help pro­gram­mers meet FCC require­ments for closed cap­tion­ing and deliver pro­tected streams via HLS to Apple devices.

It’s an excit­ing time in the indus­try and it’s reward­ing to see our prod­ucts rec­og­nized both by our peers and cus­tomers.  But we’re not slow­ing down — stay tuned for more soon!

Campbell Foster

About Campbell Foster

Campbell Foster is Marketing Director for Adobe Primetime, leading global efforts to drive adoption of Adobe's video publishing, monetization and optimization technologies. Before Adobe, Campbell headed global Product Marketing for Google DoubleClick, managing ad serving, video, RTB, and rich media products. He served as a founding member of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange management team. Campbell earned an MBA, with Distinction, from NYU Stern School of Business and received a BA in English from Cornell University. Campbell is dedicated to exploring the intersection between technology and BBQ, and is actively developing the world's first automated barbecue smoking hygrometer.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Con­grat­u­la­tions on the award.

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