Introducing Adobe MediaWeaver – Innovation for Video Ad Insertion Across Devices

Pro­gram­mers and oper­a­tors strug­gle to effec­tively insert video ads into pro­fes­sional con­tent across devices. Adobe Medi­aWeaver addresses this chal­lenge as a core com­po­nent of the lat­est ver­sion of Project Prime­time, announced today. To sim­plify the process of mon­e­tiz­ing video con­tent and cre­ate the opti­mal view­ing expe­ri­ence for con­sumers, Medi­aWeaver merges three dif­fer­ent work­flows into one:

  • Seam­less ad inser­tion into lin­ear, live, and VoD video con­tent using a pro­pri­etary form of “ad stitch­ing.” This allows for dynamic ad exe­cu­tion into any con­tent type, on any IP-con­nected desk­top or device, cre­at­ing an engag­ing, buffer-free ad and con­tent expe­ri­ence for con­sumers.
  • Com­plete man­age­ment of busi­ness rules and con­trac­tual oblig­a­tions tied to inven­tory splits and syn­di­ca­tion rights. This helps media com­pa­nies con­trol which part­ners can sell adver­tis­ing against their audi­ence and pro­grams, cre­at­ing as much value as pos­si­ble from every viewer inter­ac­tion.
  • Ad man­age­ment (ADM), direct­ing ad calls based on pre-defined rules and oblig­a­tions to any ad server. This reduces fric­tion through­out the broad­cast-to-IP video and adver­tis­ing work­flow, and repli­cates the TV national and local ad inven­tory split for any video deliv­ered to a desk­top or device.

Adobe cus­tomers who use Medi­aWeaver can take advan­tage of off-the-shelf inte­gra­tion with Adobe Audi­tude, Adobe’s video ad server, or pass ad calls seam­lessly to linear/VOD or IP-based third-party ad servers. Medi­aWeaver allows Adobe cus­tomers to adopt Project Prime­time and its com­po­nents in mod­u­lar fash­ion, with­out dis­rupt­ing exist­ing work­flows, imple­men­ta­tions or con­trac­tual arrange­ments.

With Medi­aWeaver, broad­cast­ers can replace or dynam­i­cally insert ads into adap­tive video streams on any desk­top and a broad range of IP-con­nected devices — with­out con­tent prep or work­flow changes.

Medi­aWeaver deliv­ers smooth, imme­di­ate tran­si­tions into and out of ad breaks. This process mim­ics the ease and sim­plic­ity of TV broad­cast­ing to set-top boxes, and han­dles national and local inven­tory splits effort­lessly – with­out sac­ri­ficing the address­abil­ity of a dig­i­tal envi­ron­ment.

Check out the video overview below along with blog posts on our other lat­est Project Prime­time updates: Prime­time Media Player and full inte­gra­tion across Adobe adver­tis­ing and data solu­tions.


Campbell Foster

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Campbell Foster is Marketing Director for Adobe Primetime, leading global efforts to drive adoption of Adobe's video publishing, monetization and optimization technologies. Before Adobe, Campbell headed global Product Marketing for Google DoubleClick, managing ad serving, video, RTB, and rich media products. He served as a founding member of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange management team. Campbell earned an MBA, with Distinction, from NYU Stern School of Business and received a BA in English from Cornell University. Campbell is dedicated to exploring the intersection between technology and BBQ, and is actively developing the world's first automated barbecue smoking hygrometer.

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