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Statement on Google Chrome Phasing Out the NPAPI Plug-In Interface

This week, the Google Chrome team announced it is phas­ing out the NPAPI plug-in inter­face, which has a direct impact on the func­tion­al­ity of major browsers plu­g­ins. Since it migrated from the NPAPI inter­face to the mod­ern Pep­per Plugin API (PPAPI), Adobe Flash Player is not affected by this change.

Video-speci­fic func­tion­al­ity such as Adobe Prime­time DRM (for­merly Adobe Access) and Adobe Prime­time Player SDKs are also not affected. There is no migra­tion work required, as Chrome browser users have already been using the PPAPI ver­sion of Adobe Flash Player.

Chrome browser users will auto­mat­i­cally receive new fea­tures and secu­rity updates due to the inte­gra­tion of Adobe Flash Player with Chrome, which per­mits seam­less back­ground updates.

For DRM-related ques­tions or feed­back, please visit the Adobe Prime­time Com­mu­nity Forum.


Adobe Primetime Continues to Drive TV Everywhere Momentum

Today we are announc­ing some great momen­tum for Adobe Prime­time PayTV Pass (for­merly Adobe Pass), as well as for the over­all indus­try move­ment of TV Every­where. Turner Broad­cast­ing Sys­tem, Inc. (TBS, Inc.) is the lat­est Adobe Prime­time cus­tomer deliv­er­ing TV across screens as a leader in dri­ving TV Every­where adop­tion. To date, TV Every­where has expe­ri­enced bursts of suc­cess with large scale events like the Olympics and March Mad­ness, but there has not been a crit­i­cal mass of every­day use. That is now start­ing to change with more pre­mium con­tent com­ing online (both live lin­ear and VOD), an increas­ing shift in view­er­ship from tra­di­tional TV to online, and greater oppor­tu­ni­ties for con­tent own­ers to mon­e­tize those online views thanks to inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies such as Adobe Prime­time.

In com­par­ing the first half of 2013 with the same period last year, Adobe Dig­i­tal Index has seen a 400% increase in authen­ti­cated streams, and the total num­ber of Adobe Prime­time PayTV Pass-enabled web­sites and apps has dou­bled across devices from 50 to more than 100. Online video con­sump­tion habits are def­i­nitely chang­ing given the ever expand­ing breadth of devices and plat­forms – with tablets alone account­ing for a 150% increase in video starts from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013. Web, iOS, and Android still rep­re­sent the bulk of con­sump­tion, but other con­nected devices such as Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TVs are rapidly gain­ing trac­tion. Our data shows that 16% of U.S. house­holds are watch­ing pay-TV online as of Sep­tem­ber 2013 – rep­re­sent­ing more than100% growth since Decem­ber 2012. We deliv­ered 29.3 bil­lion video streams to Adobe cus­tomers in Q3 2013 – up 124% year-over-year.

The con­ver­sa­tions we are now hav­ing with our cus­tomers also sug­gest that the tip­ping point for mass TV Every­where adop­tion is upon us. Whereas phase one of TV Every­where was about “check­ing the box” to appease the pay TV oper­a­tors, our pro­gram­mer cus­tomers and pay TV part­ners alike are now focus­ing on growth with an empha­sis on con­tent dis­cov­er­abil­ity, device expan­sion, and user expe­ri­ence. And most telling in my opin­ion, we are now get­ting con­sid­er­able inter­est in our upcom­ing fraud lim­it­ing ser­vices to ensure peo­ple aren’t shar­ing cre­den­tials or oth­er­wise try­ing to game the sys­tem. Con­sid­er­ing the early crit­ics ques­tioned whether the traf­fic would come at all, it’s a nice twist that too much con­sump­tion has now become a con­cern!

AdobeBroadcastWe’re thrilled to see increased momen­tum around TV Every­where on the rise with Adobe Prime­time help­ing pave the way for suc­cess. Within two years, we expect TV Every­where will advance with:

  • Every major TV chan­nel hav­ing a TV Every­where pres­ence via web­sites or apps
  • The reported 40% of Inter­net-con­nect TVs in U.S. house­holds (LGR Research) will actu­ally be in use
  • Con­tent authen­ti­ca­tion being fully auto­mated – remov­ing con­sumers from the process

We also found that mobile video view­ing is up more than 2x year-over-year (YoY). Con­sumers of video con­tent via mobile devices are on the rise (see graphs below). An Adobe Dig­i­tal Index review of 1 bil­lion video starts to 50 branded sites shows that mobile video view­ing is up 134% YoY with tablets grow­ing the fastest up 150% YoY.

ADI-Share-of-Video-StartsThe grow­ing mobile audi­ence pro­vides incre­men­tal engage­ment and rev­enue oppor­tu­ni­ties for adver­tis­ing. Tablet view­ers, in par­tic­u­lar, are early adopters who typ­i­cally spend more money, book more trips, and con­sume more media con­tent. Pub­lish­ers can cap­i­tal­ize on this tar­get audi­ence with high CPMs (Cost Per thou­sand Impres­sions) and incre­men­tal impres­sions. Pub­lish­ers may also con­sider cre­at­ing more mobile-speci­fic con­tent to pro­mote the use of mobile devices and fur­ther train con­sumers to use com­pan­ion devices while watch­ing a show live or online.

We’ve said that 2013 would be the year that TV Every­where takes off and our fore­cast is hold­ing true. Stay tuned for more updates and momen­tum com­ing as we head into 2014!

Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM Service and Hardware DRM Support

Today, we announced two excit­ing new fea­tures to the Adobe Prime­time DRM (for­merly Adobe Access) offer­ing. 1) Adobe Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice, and 2) Hard­ware DRM sup­port on AMD chipsets. DRM is a crit­i­cal com­po­nent to enable pre­mium con­tent in early release win­dows on the web and across mobile devices. This means ear­lier access to bet­ter con­tent for view­ers.

Adobe Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice

The Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice makes Prime­time DRM easy to deploy. A DRM server requires secu­rity knowl­edge and hard­ware to be prop­erly installed in a data cen­ter envi­ron­ment to ful­fill com­pli­ance and robust­ness require­ments. DRM deploy­ments now get sig­nif­i­cantly eas­ier with our new Adobe Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice.

This new ser­vice is com­pletely man­aged by Adobe, includ­ing robust secu­rity through hard­ware Secu­rity Mod­ules (HSMs), redun­dancy, and scal­able archi­tec­ture are always up-to-date with the com­pli­ance and robust­ness rules. With the Adobe Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice, a cus­tomer doesn’t need to worry about con­tent deliv­ery because they are out of com­pli­ance. Instead, cus­tomers can focus on cre­at­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing the most engag­ing con­tent. 

The Adobe Prime­time Cloud DRM Ser­vice also dra­mat­i­cally sim­pli­fies the DRM oper­a­tions. Once sub­scribed, the only step required is local DRM pack­ag­ing of the con­tent. Adobe Prime­time DRM sup­ports desk­top, Android, iOS, XBox, Roku and Dig­i­tal Home devices, and pro­vides broad reach with a sin­gle DRM work­flow.

Hard­ware DRM Sup­port on AMD Chipsets

Adobe and AMD part­nered in bring­ing the next level of con­tent pro­tec­tion to desk­top com­put­ers with AMD APUs (Accel­er­ated Pro­cess­ing Units) or dis­creet GPUs (Graph­ics Pro­cess­ing Units). Hard­ware DRM increases the level of DRM secu­rity and robust­ness. Adobe and AMD believe this is bet­ter for con­sumers, pro­gram­mers and dis­trib­u­tors.

AMD_E_RGBTo learn more about Adobe Prime­time DRM, please visit our web­site.

M6 Group, Leading TV Programmer in France, Adopts Adobe Primetime to Extend TV Experiences Beyond the Living Room

Speak­ing with a broad range of the largest tele­vi­sion pro­gram­mers and MSOs recently at IBC and dmexco, it’s clear that con­sumers across the UK and con­ti­nen­tal Europe are hun­gry to watch tele­vi­sion and film across devices.

We’re excited to announce that M6 Group, a lead­ing French tele­vi­sion broad­caster and mem­ber of RTL Group, has selected Adobe Prime­time to sup­port its Android-based appli­ca­tions for smart­phones and tablet devices. iOS sup­port pow­ered by Adobe Prime­time is expected to be avail­able later this year, along with other plat­forms in the future. With Adobe Prime­time, M6 Group can eas­ily and securely deliver simul­cast, live and on-demand TV con­tent from its top net­works to its cus­tomers via mobile apps across devices. We are thrilled to work with M6 Group as our first major TV pro­gram­mer in France bring­ing its lead­ing TV brands to audi­ences across mobile plat­forms.

(From left to right, M6, W9 and 6ter screenshots from M6 Group’s Android applications, now available for download. Images courtesy of Google Play.)

(From left to right, M6, W9 and 6ter screen­shots from M6 Group’s Android appli­ca­tions, now avail­able for down­load. Images cour­tesy of Google Play.)

M6 Group, which serves nearly a quar­ter of the broad­cast audi­ence in France, has incor­po­rated some of Adobe Primetime’s com­po­nents across three of its prop­er­ties: M6, France’s sec­ond most pop­u­lar chan­nel for view­ers under 50; W9, a chan­nel with con­tent for young adults; and 6ter, a chan­nel fea­tur­ing broad con­tent for the whole fam­ily. M6 Group is imple­ment­ing var­i­ous Adobe Prime­time capa­bil­i­ties, includ­ing the Adobe Prime­time Player and DRM to provide the best view­ing expe­ri­ence of pro­tected pre­mium con­tent. Con­sumers in France run­ning devices with Android ver­sion 2.3.3 and higher can down­load these appli­ca­tions today to watch con­tent live and on-demand. Future deploy­ments of Adobe Prime­time for M6 Group’s iOS appli­ca­tions are expected later this year along with added inte­gra­tion of Adobe Primetime’s ad inser­tion com­po­nent.

[UPDATED, 9/25/13] Check out the video tes­ti­mo­nial on Adobe Prime­time from M6 Group below and stay tuned for more Adobe Prime­time updates com­ing soon!

Adobe Primetime and Level 3 Score Match Point By Powering Tennis Channel and the U.S. Open

For pas­sion­ate ten­nis fans, the U.S. Open has been top of mind for the past two weeks. The annual event cul­mi­nated with Rafael Nadal and Ser­ena Williams tak­ing the Men’s and Women’s titles, respec­tively. With all the com­pet­i­tive matches lead­ing up to the crown, ten­nis fans have been tun­ing into the Open – and not just on TV. Ten­nis Chan­nel, which has tele­cast rights to the U.S. Open, has also been stream­ing the event online and across Android and iOS devices – pow­ered by Adobe Prime­time.

Estab­lished in 2003, Ten­nis Chan­nel is the only 24-hour, TV-based mul­ti­me­dia des­ti­na­tion ded­i­cated to both the pro­fes­sional sport and ten­nis lifestyle. A hybrid of com­pre­hen­sive sports, health, fit­ness, pop cul­ture, enter­tain­ment, lifestyle and travel pro­gram­ming, the net­work houses every aspect of the wide-rang­ing, world­wide ten­nis com­mu­nity. It also has the most con­cen­trated sin­gle-sport cov­er­age in tele­vi­sion, and is car­ried by nine of the top 10 MSOs, Ver­i­zon FiOS TV, and has a national foot­print via DIRECTV and DISH Net­work.

This sum­mer, Ten­nis Chan­nel decided to live stream the U.S. Open across desk­tops, iOS and Android devices to deliver a true TV expe­ri­ence for ten­nis fans on any screen. To make this pos­si­ble, Ten­nis Chan­nel selected Adobe Prime­time and the Level 3 Video Cloud to broad­cast the U.S. Open live via “Ten­nis Chan­nel Every­where” apps. Adobe Prime­time enabled Ten­nis Chan­nel to deploy apps for Lin­ear Simul­cast quickly and effi­ciently – using uni­fied, mul­ti­screen pub­lish­ing, authen­ti­ca­tion (DRM), ad inser­tion, and ana­lyt­ics. The Level 3 Video Cloud pro­vided the acqui­si­tion, encod­ing, pack­ag­ing, and CDN deliv­ery of con­tent. By lever­ag­ing Adobe Prime­time, Ten­nis Chan­nel can reach more ten­nis fans, extend its brand, and reduce oper­a­tional over­head by lever­ag­ing exist­ing broad­cast work­flows.

It’s been great work­ing with the Ten­nis Chan­nel and Level 3. From the Lon­don 2012 Olympic Games to the 2013 U.S. Open Ten­nis Cham­pi­onships, Adobe Prime­time con­tin­ues to deliver broad avail­abil­ity of TV con­tent across screens, syn­chro­nized view­ing expe­ri­ences across devices and TV, and greater rev­enue for TV pro­gram­mers and oper­a­tors. Stay tuned for more news and updates around Adobe Prime­time com­ing soon.