Statement on Google Chrome Phasing Out the NPAPI Plug-In Interface

This week, the Google Chrome team announced it is phas­ing out the NPAPI plug-in inter­face, which has a direct impact on the func­tion­al­ity of major browsers plu­g­ins. Since it migrated from the NPAPI inter­face to the mod­ern Pep­per Plugin API (PPAPI), Adobe Flash Player is not affected by this change.

Video-speci­fic func­tion­al­ity such as Adobe Prime­time DRM (for­merly Adobe Access) and Adobe Prime­time Player SDKs are also not affected. There is no migra­tion work required, as Chrome browser users have already been using the PPAPI ver­sion of Adobe Flash Player.

Chrome browser users will auto­mat­i­cally receive new fea­tures and secu­rity updates due to the inte­gra­tion of Adobe Flash Player with Chrome, which per­mits seam­less back­ground updates.

For DRM-related ques­tions or feed­back, please visit the Adobe Prime­time Com­mu­nity Forum.

Jens Loeffler

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Jens Loeffler is a senior technical evangelist on Adobe's Media Solutions product management team focusing on online video and services. Equipped with a media computer science degree, Jens started his career in the agency world and has been living and breathing online video and mobile for the last decade. Currently Jens provides thought leadership as a public speaker and panelist at numerous industry events, and maintains a well-recognized blog covering industry trends. When he isn't working on secret projects at Adobe, Jens compensates with long runs, hikes and walks with his furry companion, and is an excellent guide to judge the authenticity of German cuisine in NYC.

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One Response to Statement on Google Chrome Phasing Out the NPAPI Plug-In Interface

  1. John O says:

    What about a debug ver­sion of the Flash Player? Will a PPAPI ver­sion of the debug player be avail­able at ?

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