Adobe Primetime, Marketing Cloud and the Future of TV: Personalized, Portable, Profitable


It’s offi­cial: Adobe Prime­time is the 7th Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud solu­tion.

Although mar­ket­ing teams – dig­i­tal, direct response, brand, email, inbound, out­bound, pro­duct, or oth­er­wise – don’t typ­i­cally think about TV and film deliv­ery and mon­e­ti­za­tion, mar­keters at broad­cast­ers, cable net­works, and pay-TV ser­vice providers care deeply about the qual­ity of the mul­ti­screen TV view­ing expe­ri­ence – and about the audi­ence insights they can gather from it. Adobe Prime­time deliv­ers both: highly engag­ing, per­son­al­ized view­ing expe­ri­ences on every screen, and action­able audi­ence insights via a turnkey inte­gra­tion with Adobe Ana­lyt­ics.

Mar­keters from media and enter­tain­ment com­pa­nies wish to provide the best brand expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble for their audi­ence, on every screen, and con­sumers ben­e­fit from Adobe Primetime’s mul­ti­screen TV plat­form in three key ways:

  • Access. Adobe Prime­time pro­vides early-win­dow TV and film access through IP dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nels. The solu­tion enforces TV Every­where rights agree­ments and meets strict Hol­ly­wood-stu­dio man­dated DRM require­ments among pro­gram­mers and oper­a­tors.
  • Con­ve­nience. Pay-TV sub­scribers can view live, lin­ear, and on-demand con­tent at their con­ve­nience, when and where they desire.
  • Engage­ment. Adobe Prime­time cre­ates a per­son­al­ized, bet­ter-than-TV expe­ri­ence, with no buffer­ing or annoy­ing plug-ins.

With out-of-the-box Adobe Ana­lyt­ics inte­gra­tion, the Adobe Prime­time TVSDK offers a deeper under­stand­ing of what leads to desired view­ing behav­iors, help­ing mar­keters in media and enter­tain­ment drive aware­ness, tune-in, engage­ment and loy­alty over time. The Adobe Prime­time inte­gra­tion with Adobe Ana­lyt­ics gives cus­tomers of the com­bined solu­tion a richer set of video met­rics on the play­back envi­ron­ment, includ­ing time-based engage­ment met­rics with the new Ana­lyt­ics “heart­beats” solu­tion. The inte­grated solu­tion speeds time to mar­ket for cus­tomers look­ing to deploy mul­ti­screen TV on any device alongside the industry’s lead­ing mar­ket­ing ana­lyt­ics solu­tion.

For com­pa­nies that gen­er­ate rev­enue from adver­tis­ing, the Adobe Prime­time ad deci­sion­ing inte­gra­tion with Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager enables audi­ence seg­men­ta­tion using first-, sec­ond-, and third-party data, which can be used to per­son­al­ize con­tent and ad expe­ri­ences. We’ve also rolled out other enhance­ments to our core ad deci­sion­ing capa­bil­i­ties. With the new fea­tures, media sell­ers can deliver tar­geted ads across plat­forms and devices, and use cross-device fre­quency cap­ping to reduce inven­tory waste and ensure that a sin­gle user with more than one device doesn’t have to watch the same ad beyond the desired num­ber of expo­sures.

With Adobe Prime­time and Mar­ket­ing Cloud, the future of tele­vi­sion is bright: more per­sonal and portable for view­ers every­where, and more prof­itable for media and enter­tain­ment com­pa­nies than ever before.

Camp­bell Fos­ter @cam­fos­ter

Campbell Foster

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Campbell Foster is Marketing Director for Adobe Primetime, leading global efforts to drive adoption of Adobe's video publishing, monetization and optimization technologies. Before Adobe, Campbell headed global Product Marketing for Google DoubleClick, managing ad serving, video, RTB, and rich media products. He served as a founding member of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange management team. Campbell earned an MBA, with Distinction, from NYU Stern School of Business and received a BA in English from Cornell University. Campbell is dedicated to exploring the intersection between technology and BBQ, and is actively developing the world's first automated barbecue smoking hygrometer.

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